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10-year warranty on all Floodline® Leak detection products

Customers can now enjoy the additional comfort of a 10-year warranty on all Floodline® leak detection and environmental monitoring products and at no extra cost. Andel’s Floodline® product range includes all contol panels, water, oil and gas leak detection sensors and systems, temperature and humidity monitoring, water sustainability and flow monitoring systems and accessories.

Andel’s products are built to last and are manufactured under strict supervision and quality control procedures ensure that every Andel product is rigorously tested before shipment.

The Andel Floodline® Warranty covers defects in material and workmanship for products used and maintained as specified for a period of ten years from the date of delivery. The warranty means that defective products, within the warranty period, will either be repaired or replaced, rigorously tested and returned and at no cost to the customer.

Terms apply, please refer to Andel Floodline® 10-Year Warranty Terms 2022

10 year warranty
Customers can enjoy the additional comfort of a 10-year warranty on all Floodline® leak detection, environmental monitoring and water sustainability products, at no extra cost.
Terms apply
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