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Introducing Andel’s New Website

Andel has always been at the forefront of revolutionising water, oil, and gas resource control. Now, with the launch of our new website, we are extending our commitment, by mirroring the quality of our products and services through our online platform.

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Introducing Hydraloop® – our newest partnership

At Andel, we are consistently seeking ways to improve water sustainability for a cleaner and safer environment. We are extremely proud to announce our newest partnership with Hydraloop®, marking our new role as a distributor for their innovative range of water recycling products.

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Environment agency warns about increased risk of flooding in the winter months

Andel offers tailored flood defence solutions amidst the increased risk of flooding. Our proactive network of defensive barriers guarantees swift response to winter floods, protecting lives and valuable assets in vulnerable communities

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More SMEs need to address their environmental responsibilities

I am proud to announce that we recently pledged our support for the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission. Not only does this legitimise what we are doing at Andel to address environmental concerns, it also helps to spread the word and hopefully inspires others.

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Prevent rather than cure for leak detection

We understand that businesses encounter the potential hazards of water, oil, and gas leaks, and in response, we've developed leak detection products designed to mitigate the impact of these inevitable events.

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