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Andel provides a comprehensive range of drainage products and services to customers throughout the UK

With over 30 years' experience in drainage maintenance, Andel has become a recognised market leader in the management and servicing of surface water drainage systems, underground interceptor waste tanks and separators.

Our expertise covers everything from drainage surveys, site inspections, unblocking drains, cleaning and repairs to specialist underground interceptor maintenance and installation as well as offering a comprehensive range of wastewater drainage products.


Drainage and wastewater products

Andel offers a comprehensive range of high-performace wastewater tanks constructed from one-piece HDPE (high density polyethylene), known for its outstanding tensile strength and high-impact, pH, chemical and frost resistance.

Lightweight, cheaper, quicker and easier to install than traditional GRP tanks, The structural strength of Andel's wastewater tanks means there is no need to enclose underground installations with concrete giving a reduced carbon footprint.

Andel Hybrid Hydrocarbon Interceptor/Separator

Sustainable, next generation hydrocarbon separator

Andel's hybrid Interceptor is an innovative and cost-effective oil/water separator and pollution prevention solution for hard standing surfaces.

In addition to the standard coalescence filter, the hybrid interceptor is equipped with an additional module of polypropylene rings, significantly improving the efficiency of the coalescence process.

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Andel Grease and Starch Separator

An environmentally-friendly and economical solution to separate the pollution content from your wastewater

Large grease separators play a crucial role in managing industrial-scale fat, oil and grease (FOG) disposal in food production and catering, preventing wastewater from clogging pipes, sewer systems, or causing environmental pollution.

Andel's range of grease separators ensure the quality of your treated wastewater complies with requirements of BS-EN 1825.

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Andel Rainwater Harvester Tank

Andel rainwater harvesting tanks can reduce the water consumption of an average household by up to 40%

Rainwater harvesting is the collecting and storing of rainwater from rooftops, gutters and other drainage areas for future use.

Andel rainwater harvesting tanks are installed underground and can be used for a variety of purposes such as irrigation, domestic use and groundwater recharge.

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Andel Soakaway Tank

Effective management of surface water or stormwater runoff, allowing slow infiltration into the ground and improved drainage

Andel’s Soakaway tank is an ideal solution for small plots of land providing drainage of stormwater into the ground. Stormwater flows through the soakaway tank into a layer of gravel.

Andel Soakaway tanks are constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), known for its outstanding tensile strength and high-impact resistance.

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Andel Modular Wastewater Treatment Plant

A robust, safe and reliable solution for effective community sewage treatment where there is no access to a collective sewage system

Andel's modular wastewater treatment plant is a robust, septic system designed for efficient community wastewater management.

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Andel Premium Septic Tank

The first stage of treating domestic sewage and an integral part of biological wastewater treatment

Lightweight, robust, high-density, one-piece polypropylene septic tank. Impact resistant, frost resistant, pH resistant, cheaper and quicker to install than traditional GPR tanks.

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