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The one-stop solution for site operators

With over 30 years’ experience in this highly specialised field, Andel has become a recognised market leader in pollution prevention, maintenance and compliance for fuel and oil storage sites throughout the UK. Andel provides a comprehensive maintenance support package, ensuring compliance with all current oil storage regulations and maintaining stored diesel fuel to ensure it is always in tip top condition and ready for an emergency. 

Andel also offers a range of innovative oil storage products including bunds, pumps, separators, gauges, filtration systems and alarms for any size of fuel and oil storage installation anywhere the UK and for export overseas.

Oil storage products

Andel has developed a comprehensive range of specialist products for any size of oil storage installation available to UK customers and for export to customers around the world.


Automatic and easy-to-fit dewatering solution that discriminates between oil and water

BundGuard® is a sustainable, cost-effective, automatic and easy-to-fit dewatering solution that discriminates between oil and water, keeping oil contained and expelling water from the containment or bunded area.

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BundGuard® ORS

BundGuard® ORS recovers excess oil from a bund while continuing to safely remove excess rainwater, discriminating between oil and water

BundGuard® Oil Recovery System has been specifically developed to recover excessive oil on sites with leaking transformers.

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Above-ground Class 1 interceptor

A sustainable and cost-effective solution for sensitive site conditions, eliminating the need for costly underground interceptor or separator tanks to be installed and maintained.

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Rapid detection of microbial contamination in stored diesel fuel

FUELSTAT® provides a simple interim Do-It-Yourself microbial test providing rapid and reliable results meaning you can test your fuel easily and as frequently as is deemed necessary.

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A sustainable and cost-effective solution for fuel/oil storage sites in freezing temperatures

SumpGuard® provides additional protection to Andel's BundGuard® system when installed in oil storage environments that are susceptible to freezing temperatures.

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