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Sustainable, cost-effective flood defence solutions

According to the latest reports on the impacts of climate change, flooding caused by severe and frequent rainstorms is the UK’s most pressing climate-change risk and will affect millions of people.

To support local authorities, flood groups, property owners, businesses and communities in protecting themselves and their assets from the effects of extreme rainfall, Andel has developed a turnkey package of products and services.



Flood defence products

Andel offers a unique range of sustainable flood defence products

Andel FloodAlert

Sends SMS and email alerts with real-time monitoring on a secure, cloud-based portal

Easy to install and set up. FloodAlert posts equipped with water level sensors transmit SMS and email alerts to users with realtime monitoring of water levels on a secure, cloud-based portal, accessible from any internet enabled device.

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Andel FloodWall

Andel FloodWall is a modular, perimeter flood defence system designed to give long-term peace of mind to homes and businesses at risk from flooding

Andel FloodWall® is a modular design for easy transportation, easy on-site installation and is constructed from 100% recycled post-industrial plastic waste. Andel FloodWall is the cost-effective alternative for perimeter flood defence and is suited to commercial, residential, new build and retrofit installations.

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Andel FloodPump

The system works continuously and automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Andel FloodPump is an advanced alarm and automatic flood pump system for larger installations that can be deployed within a sump, inside a property or outside, protecting buildings and protected areas at risk from flooding. The system sends SMS and email alerts and has the capability to control automatic closure devices.

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Andel CellarGuard®

Robust, automatic flood pump system for cellar floor or sump

Andel CellarGuard® is a highly cost-effective solution for residential and smaller commercial properties. Because the system uses conductive probes to detect floodwater, it is 100% reliable compared to systems that rely on float switches, which can often be prone to malfunction.

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Andel BoxBarrier

Cost-effective, temporary flood barrier system

BoxBarrier is a cost-effective, temporary flood defence system which has the huge advantage of quick and easy installation and removal

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Andel FloodBlox®

Uses the pressure and weight of floodwater to create a watertight seal

FloodBlox® is an easy-to-use, demountable, lightweight property flood protection solution for all types of property openings such as gates, house doors, patio doors, garage doors, warehouse and factory doors. The system uses the pressure and weight of flood water to create a watertight seal.

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Vortex Flow Control

Uses the natural flow of water with no moving parts

The stainless steel Vortex Flow Control is an innovative device that restricts the flow of water in sewer systems using a vortex effect from the natural flow of water. Vortex Flow Control is a corrosion-resistant, low-maintenance product with no moving parts.

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