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Sustainable solutions for homes and businesses

Water is a precious natural resource and leaks within buildings can be responsible for significant water wastage as well as potentially costly damage if left unchecked. 

Andel offers a range of water sustainability products that reduce water usage, reduce water wastage, save money on water bills and prevent the costly consequences of water damage through internal leaks and floods.

Andel's water sustainability products are suited to a variety of customers including property developers, landlords and property agents, student accommodation, hotels, offices, residential and commercial buildings.

UK insurers pay out around £1.8 million every day to customers making ‘escape of water’ claims on their buildings and home contents insurance. Nearly one in five claims is for damage caused by leaks with many in the winter months due to frozen pipes that have burst.

Source: Association of British Insurers

10 year warranty
Customers can enjoy the additional comfort of a 10-year warranty on all Floodline® leak detection, environmental monitoring and water sustainability products, at no extra cost.


Water sustainability products

Water sustainability products are available to UK and overseas customers and supply can be scaled in any volume for large residential and commercial developments.


Save water wastage, save on water bills and protect against water damage from burst pipes, internal leaks and floods within properties

Sustainable, cost-effective and WRAS approved, Andel FlowStop® automatically isolates your water supply in the event of abnormal flow activity or the risk of freezing pipes.

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Save 25% to 45% on water usage with clean, clear, safe, and disinfected recycled water.

Increase your property value, reduce your water and energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and secure your living comfort.

A wide range of innovative, sustainable, and IoT-connected water recycling devices for residential and commercial properties, both new build and retrofit.

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PIR WaterSave®

Motion sensor automatically activates and shuts off your water supply, can earn BREEAM WAT 03 credit

PIR WaterSave® is an effective water sustainability solution that can earn BREEAM WAT 03 credit. The system uses a motion sensor to turn the supply on and shut off when no movement is detected.

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BREEAM WAT 02 and WAT 03 major water leak detection

FlowGuardian® is a robust, major water leak and high usage alarm system that can earn BREEAM credits for WAT 02 and WAT 03. The system actively monitors the mains water flow from the the site boundary to the property.

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Andel SmartDevice

Connects leak detection sensors to popular smart home apps

Connects leak detection sensors to all popular smart home apps. Andel's Wi-Fi enabled SmartDevice can attach to a choice of Andel leak detection sensors to monitor risk areas within a property.

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Smart Water Leak Detection Cable

Smart Water Leak Detection Cable

Smart Leak Detection Cable attaches to Andel's Wi-Fi-enabled SmartDevice and can be used in a number of residential applications such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens, toilets, sinks as well as pipework and voids.

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Cost-effective and compact system ideal for air conditioning units and environments where water can collect suited to residential and commercial properties

AqueSense® is an intelligent, stand-alone, low-point water detection alarm and monitoring system. Additional leak detection cables or sensors can be connected to monitor larger or additional areas. The system can connect to BMS and a leak detection network if required.

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