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This is a great opportunity for your team, and it is provided completely free of charge.

Since 1992 Andel has been designing and manufacturing pioneering products and services to promote good business practice and protect organisations against loss through damage to assets, fines from pollution and associated clean-up costs.

Andel leak detection systems are the ‘de facto’ standard for many engineering consultants, architects and specifiers. This puts Andel in an excellent position to provide sound advice and support for any project that may require leak detection and alarm systems.

This CIBSE-approved CPD seminar for WATER AND OIL LEAK DETECTION is aimed at both technical and non-technical audiences. The seminar is an introduction to leak detection and aims to educate attendees on the types of leak detection that should be considered and specified for both new build and retrofit projects. The seminar lasts for one hour and because it is approved and certified by CIBSE, attendance counts towards the annual requirement for consulting engineers, to undergo 25 hours CPD per year.

A one-hour presentation over the course of a lunch break at your premises will show the different technologies and techniques to prevent damage, disruption and loss.

The course is delivered through talks, a PowerPoint presentation, questions and answers and practical, hands on demonstration of leak detection equipment. Ideally suited to groups of between five and 20 people.

To book a course please call 01484 845 000 or email for further information.

A gas leak detection seminar is coming soon.

To find out more and to enroll to attend a seminar call Andel today on 01484 845 000 or complete the form and one of the Andel team will contact you.

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