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ReBund® – Environmentally-friendly, cost-effective modular bund system

Easy on-site assembly for both new build and retrofit installations

Andel's ReBund® is a modular, low-cost containment system giving long-term protection to oil storage facilities, generators, transformers or any other plant.

Robust, cost-effective and easy to install, ReBund® is constructed from 100% post-industrial recycled plastic waste, with steel reinforcement for added strength. ReBund® is designed for easy on-site assembly for both new build and retrofit installations.

  • No need for major plant equipment
  • No need to suspend normal operations during installation
  • Can be assembled quickly by a team of two people
  • Can be sealed to an existing suitable base, or a suitable concrete or slab base can be installed for guaranteed 100% liquid retention.

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Designed for easy transportation and quick on-site assembly

ReBund® is a modular system supplied in sections and posts designed for easy transportation and can be quickly assembled on site by a team of two people. Panels are supplied to a standard 192cm width and a choice of 60cm or 80cm heights. End sections are easily adjusted during installation to fit any size containment area.


Environmentally-friendly, robust construction 

Panels and posts are constructed from nonporous, durable, 100% post-industrial recycled plastic waste with steel pipe reinforcement in each post for added strength. 

The panels, moulded with horizontal ridge supports, are secured to the upright posts with self-tapping screws, compressing a watertight gasket, tightening securely into the posts. Panels and posts are fixed to base plates secured to either an existing suitable base, or a suitable concrete or slab base can be installed for guaranteed 100% liquid retention. 

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