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FFUELSTAT® – For rapid detection of microbial contamination

Rapid detection of microbial contamination in stored diesel fuel

A quick and easy interim testing kit with rapid and reliable results

In accordance with BSI 5410, diesel fuel for backup generators and boilers should be tested for a wide variety of contaminants. Andel provides 6-monthly testing for a range of problems that frequently occur in stored diesel fuel including:

  • Wear (metal particulates in the fuel)
  • Particulate contamination (dirt and biofuel content)
  • Microbial contamination
  • Water

Contaminated fuel supplies can result in at best equipment not operating efficiently and at worst total engine failure.

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Microbial contamination can occur in a matter of days or weeks and consequently it is advisable that stored fuel should be tested more frequently than the 6-monthly test. FUELSTAT® provides a simple interim Do-It-Yourself microbial test providing rapid and reliable results meaning you can test your fuel easily and as frequently as is deemed necessary.

Is your backup generator 100% ready for a power emergency?

In a power emergency, your generator fuel is just as important as the generator itself. And at times when power emergencies seem more likely – or have greater consequences – you need to be 100% sure your fuel is in good working condition.

That means carefully monitoring and managing microbial contamination known as the ‘diesel bug’ because:

  • Backup generators are at high risk of microbial contamination.
    Modern diesel fuels always have at least some level of microbial contamination. If your fuel is not maintained correctly, contamination has more time to grow to dangerous levels.
  • Severe microbial contamination could mean disaster If contamination grows quickly between tests.
    It could potentially stop your generators working.
  • Traditional fuel tests are inconvenient.
    Testing for contamination usually involves hiring an external team, sending samples off site, and waiting days for results.
  • Contamination risks are often underestimated.
    Many maintenance contractors do not realise how fast diesel bug grows or the danger it presents.

The Solution – FUELSTAT®

The microbial contamination test that is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. The ultra-simple test that just  requires 4 drops of sample
2. Test result in 15 minutes
3. ‘Test at the tank’ technology – no laboratory required

In critical times, you need a fast, convenient testing method – one that does not require a team of people to complete the process. Using Andel FUELSTAT®, one person can conduct tests at the tank with minimal training. It works like a pregnancy test: just place droplets of the sample onto the test well and wait for the readout. 

With FUELSTAT®, one person can conduct tests at the tank with minimal training.

FUELSTAT® RESULT – free-to-download app

  • The easy-to-use free app that gives immediate visual verification of result
  • Reduces risk of misinterpretation
  • No need for additional equipment other than a smartphone

Fully detailed report can be instantly produced in PDF format.

For instant verification of the result, the free-to-download app, FUELSTAT® Result, will provide instant test verification on your smartphone and upload the results to the remote portal for storage and sharing with your management team.

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