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Floodline Ranger® HLD Control Panel

State-of-the-art, hybrid leak detection system with zonal and distance measuring options

Designed for medium-size installations up to 24 zones or 16 distance measuring cables – or a combination of both. The panel is a true hybrid that is able to accept input alarms from all Floodline sensors as well third-party sensors. Ranger® HLD allows the sensitivity of each zone to be adjusted to suit the environment and working conditions for that zone, significantly reducing the risk of false alarms.

Monitoring configuration

Floodline Ranger® HLD has 4 input slots. Each input slot accepts a zone card with 6 zonal inputs OR a distance measuring card with 4 inputs. 

With Andel’s Floodline system, a zone can also be a distance measuring cable. Floodline distance measuring cables can pinpoint a leak to within one metre. Output relays can be also be assigned to certain lengths of cable. For example: in a 200m run around an office, a relay can be assigned to a valve to shut off the water supply at a tea point between 50m and 55m, if a leak is detected. 

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Easy-to-use control panel

The menu is accessed by a simple push-button pad with an additional reset button. The control panel has an integrated display screen where all status and alarm information is clearly displayed. There are additional LEDs for ALARM and POWER which flash independently until the problem is rectified and the system reset. 

10 year warranty
Customers can enjoy the additional comfort of a 10-year warranty on all Floodline® leak detection, environmental monitoring and water sustainability products, at no extra cost.
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