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Andel Floodline® HLD Control Panel

The control panel that takes leak detection to a new level

Next generation, multi-detector, hybrid leak detection monitoring system

Unique, state-of-the-art leak detection and environmental monitoring system, the Floodline® HLD control panel is a true hybrid, able to accept input alarms and provide detailed data from water, gas and oil leak detection sensors as well as temperature and humidity monitoring sensors simultaneously.

Floodline® HLD can monitor from 4 to 128 zones using resistance-based sensors and from 8 to 224 zones using Modbus-enabled sensors. A zone can be anthing from a single point to multiple sensors for all types of leak detection and monitoring as well as liquid leak detection distance measuring sensor cable up to 1500 metres.

The system is designed for medium to large installations. Floodline® HLD operates the full network of leak detection cables and sensors from a single, wall-mounted control panel and comes packed with the latest technology and enhanced installer and end-user functionality



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10 year warranty
Customers can enjoy the additional comfort of a 10-year warranty on all Floodline® leak detection, environmental monitoring and water sustainability products, at no extra cost.

A hybrid system

Floodline® HLD provides complete BMS connectivity via Modbus and onward communication capabilities include Modbus, Ethernet, email and SMS. 

The system provides simultaneous monitoring and detailed information on the large display screen for water, oil, gas, temperature and humidity sensors. HLD accepts volt-free contact input for connection to third-party sensors and has the capability to monitor other remote site activities such as fuel and oil storage data.

Large 8-inch LED touchscreen provides full overview of the system

Home screen
Home screen
Zone map screen
Zone map screen
Alarm screen
Alarm screen
Settings menu
Settings menu
Alarm event log screen
Alarm event log screen
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