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Andel FloodWall

Andel FloodWall is a modular, perimeter flood defence system designed to give long-term peace of mind to homes and businesses at risk from flooding

Andel FloodWall® is a modular design which allows for easy transportation and can be quickly assembled on site in a similar way to conventional wood fencing.

The panels and posts are constructed from nonporous, durable, 100% post-industrial recycled plastic waste with steel pipe reinforcement running through each post to provide added strength for a robust installation. The panels are fitted with horizontal ridge supports to prevent bending if under pressure from floodwater. Panels and posts have an aesthetically sympathetic wood-effect finish to blend into any environment.

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Andel FloodWall can be assembled on-site, similar to conventional wood fencing

  1. Panels and posts are constructed from nonporous, durable, 100% post-industrial plastic waste with an aesthetically sympathetic wood-effect finish
  2. Joints between panels and posts are sealed with a compressed waterproof gasket that tightens under pressure
  3. Panels are fitted with horizontal ridge supports to prevent the panels from bending if under pressure from floodwater
  4. Steel pipes run through the length of the posts for added reinforcement
  5. The panels sink below ground level to create a waterproof seal
  6. The posts sink deep into a concrete foundation below ground level to the same depth as the height of the wall, providing the strength to resist the force of floodwater.

Water resilient installation 

In a flood event, the greatest force is exerted where the flood defence meets the ground. Special care and development has been undertaken to ensure that the FloodWall will withstand the full force of floodwater in a flood event. FloodWall steel-pipe reinforced posts are fitted deep into the ground to the same height as the wall, into a concrete foundation, providing a level of strength that will resist the weight of floodwater in the severest of floods. Andel FloodWall has been designed and tested to meet the requirements of British Standard BS 851188-1:2019 for Flood Resistance Products.

FloodWall can be installed onto soft ground or onto an existing, suitable hard surface. The posts are set in into a concrete foundation providing a robust and effective weight-bearing structure. Panels are secured to the posts with self-tapping screws through the front of the panels, compressing the waterproof gasket, tightening securely into the posts and panels are set into the ground by 100mm to create a water seal.

Soil analysis and hydrological modelling

Through an R&D partnership with Leeds University and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Andel has incorporated a detailed analysis of soil conditions at any given site into its FloodWall design process. Through detailed analysis of site soil characteristics and hydrological modelling, Andel is able to optimise each FloodWall installation by including factors such as underground seepage to ensure the design of the overall defence system provides the best outcome on every project, every time.

Panel size and height of defences

The height of the flood defence is calculated based on a flood risk assessment. Panels are available in two sizes:  60cm high x 192cm wide or 80cm high x 192cm wide

If the defences need to exceed the maximum standard panel height, panels can be doubled up to give extra height. The added panels are sealed with a watertight gasket and additional supports are added to ensure the defence meets the correct requirements.

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