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Barnsley-based Andel, which has distributors in Poland, has raised £22,000 in aid for Ukraine


Seven employees, including four directors from the Yorkshire environmental specialist, will drive the much-needed supplies from the UK on Wednesday 6 April arriving in Poland on Friday. 

Andel’s Dutch Business Manager is Ukrainian and their major distributors are Polish. Between them, they have given Andel a picture generally not available about the situation there. So, working with the Polish Red Cross, Andel is going to deliver aid to a specific Polish hotspot east of Krakow.

Andel has reached out to clients and contacts for donations and raised £15,000 to purchase supplies to take to Poland. 

In addition to the funding raised by staff and clients, Andel has received several private donations from the House of Lords and clients in Australia, Italy, France, China, the USA, and the Netherlands. This has been enough to fill four Luton trucks with 20 pallets of targeted aid e.g. dried and tinned foods, hygiene supplies, baby care incl. clothes, milk blankets etc.  

Seven volunteer drivers including four directors from Andel set off on the afternoon of Wednesday 6 April to deliver the supplies to Poland. Additionally Andel’s Dutch distributors ESEP have raised a further £7,000 from their local rotary club with which they have bought three pallets of aid and filled their own truck with medical provisions.

ESEP will meet Andel en route and so in total, they will deliver five truckloads of aid straight into a local Polish Red Cross reception centre, east of Krakow on Friday morning. 

DFDS has discounted Andel’s ferry crossing as it is humanitarian.

In the Netherlands, Andel will be joined by Olga Surovtseblva, Andel’s Ukrainian Manager as their eighth driver and ESEP in the fifth truck. In Poland, Andel’s Polish distributors will provide accommodation for the 10 drivers after they drop their pallets on Friday. So on a small scale, this is truly international.

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