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FlowStop® – avoid the costly consequences of water damage from burst pipes, internal leaks and floods

UK insurers pay out around £1.8 million every day to customers making ‘escape of water’ claims on their buildings and home contents insurance. Nearly one in five claims is for damage caused by leaks with many in the winter months due to frozen pipes that have burst.

Source: Association of British Insurers

Cost-effective and WRAS approved, Andel FlowStop® automatically isolates your water supply in the event of abnormal flow activity or the risk of freezing pipes – and because it can monitor two water supplies it is ideal for multi-occupancy developments with separate hot and cold water supplies.

  • Highly cost-effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy install, easy set-up
  • Monitors up to two water supplies
  • Freeze protection
  • Time-out protection
  • Excess flow protection
  • 24-hour non-use protection
  • Override control
  • Discreet wall-mounted control unit
  • Easy-to-fit water flow meter and valve unit
  • Optional leak detection sensors
  • Optional connection to BMS
  • Optional connection to onward GSM for absent occupants
  • Mains or battery powered

FlowStop® is ideal for residential customers, landlords and property agents, student accommodation, hotels, offices and commercial premises

In response to the growing requirement from insurers of residential properties to have a mains water leak and flood prevention system in place, Andel has launched FlowStop® – a highly cost-effective and easy-to-install automatic mains water shut-off system, offering 24-hour protection against internal leaks and floods. FlowStop® is ideal for residential and commercial customers.

FlowStop® monitors your water supply and automatically shuts it off in the event of unusual flow activity or a temperature drop and the risk of freezing pipes.

With FlowStop®, there is also the option to add leak detection sensors in vulnerable areas within a property such as kitchens and utility rooms with appliances using mains water such as washing machines and dishwashers and any other areas with running water such as bathrooms, toilets and sinks.

Andel has a comprehensive range of leak detection sensors, a member of the Andel team will be happy to discuss which sensors are best suited to your requirements – find out more

The WRAS Approved FlowStop® is fully automated, easy to install and has been specially developed to provide a highly cost-effective option for protecting homes and properties from mains water leaks and floods.

Monitors up to two water supplies into a property

FlowStop® is ideal for residential properties and because it can monitor and manage up to two water supplies it is also the perfect solution for those properties with seperate hot and cold water supplies such as residential apartments, student accommodation, hotel rooms, offices and commercial units.

The FlowStop® system includes a discreet wall-mounted control unit and up to two flow meter/valves plus an additional solenoid valve for the return flow if required.

The control unit can be located in any convenient place, in a cupboard or mounted on the wall near the valve/s, the discreet design is a double-gang white faceplate that blends into any decor.

FlowStop® features and functions

FlowStop® Flow Meter/Valve:

FlowStop® Control Unit:

Technical information

Pipe Size:

Andel FlowStop valves are available in UK and EU 15mm and 22mm diameter pipe sizes.


Mains 240V or battery operated (9V PP3 1200mAh).


Control Unit: Moulded ABS


Control Unit: W145mm x H85mm x D9mm


FlowStop® protects against the costly consequences of water damage from mains water leaks and floods.

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