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BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s leading sustainability and environmental assessment standard for the built environment lifecycle – from new construction to in-use and refurbishment.

BREEAM certification, using standards developed by BRE, demonstrates best environmental practice, an initiative to minimise environmental impact and protect natural resources and importantly a standard that shows a business or organisation’s commitment to an environmental agenda. Businesses and organisations choose BREEAM certification because it helps them deliver and validate the sustainability value of their assets, cost effectively and to an internationally recognised and robust standard, tried and tested since it was first launched in 1990. Versions are updated regularly in line with UK Building Regulations and different building versions have been created since its launch to assess various building types. 

Credits are awarded according to the environmental impact of a building’s development and use. Credits are added together to produce a single overall score. The building is then rated on a scale of  PASS, GOOD, VERY GOOD, EXCELLENT or OUTSTANDING and a certificate is awarded to the development.

10 year warranty
Customers can enjoy the additional comfort of a 10-year warranty on all Floodline® leak detection, environmental monitoring and water sustainability products, at no extra cost.
FlowGuardian® – Major Water Leak Detection System, BREEAM WAT 02 and WAT 03 credits

FlowGuardian® is a robust water leak detection and high-usage alarm system that uses two flow meters, the limits of which can be set on installation and actively monitors the mains water flow from the the site boundary to the property.

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PIR WaterSave® – Motion sensor flow control, BREEAM WAT 03 credit

PIR WaterSave® is a motion sensor flow control system fitted to areas with running water such as WCs, showers and kitchens. The system switches the water supply on and off as required through the detection of movement in a monitored area, reducing water usage, wastage and leaks.

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Floodline® Digital Refrigerant Gas Leak Sensor, BREEAM POL 01 CREDIT

The Floodline® Digital Refrigerant Gas Leak Sensor provides continuous monitoring for the presence of any one of the full range of commercially used refrigerant gases. The sensor performs periodic measurement of the concentration of a given gas in the ambient atmosphere.

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