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Floodline Plug and Play Auto-Connect +-
  • Instant foolproof connection
  • Simple installatiom for any trained engineer or contractor
  • Universal acceptance
  • Simple maintenance, replacement and modification
  • In and out couplers perform all connection and zone change functions
  • Start of Line connects leader cable to detecor cable
  • Auto-coupler connects one detection cable zone to another
  • End of Line terminates the last zone in a network

Andel Floodline multi-zone leak detection systems are well known for being the most reliable, effective and easy to use. Floodline Plug and Play Auto-Connect system allows instant, foolproof connection for quick, no-hassle installation by any engineer or contractor.

Using a special version of the industry standard 'Registered Jack' type network connector, Floodline Plug and Play has universal acceptance. This robust, stable plug and socket system provides quick and easy connection every time. Maintenance, replacement and modification is simple.

Detection cables and leader cables are available in a range of standard pre-terminated lengths from 5 metres to 15 metres and non-standard lengths are available at no extra cost. All cables can also be cut and connected on site by trained engineers.

In and out couplers perform all connection and zone change functions, with no set-up or links to change, no wire stripping amd no confusion.

Start of Line (SOL) connects leader cable to detector cable.

The auto-coupler connects one detection cable zone to another and in-built system logic automatically sets the relative position and zone address.

End of line (EOL) terminates the last zone within a leak detection network.

Floodline Junction Boxes, Caution Tags and Leader Cable +-
  • Junction Boxes – available in 3 variations to work with Floodline Single-Zone, Multi-4 and Multi-8 Leak Detection Cable
  • Junction Boxes – easy on site installation
  • Junction Boxes – assist in zone identification and confirm leak location
  • Caution Tags – highlightf detection cable function and confirm the zone number
  • Leader Cable – connect sensors to control and alarm panels
  • Leader Cable – purpose-made, meets all modern saftey standards

Floodline Junction Boxes

Floodline Junction Boxes connect leader cable to detection cable and tape, End of Line termination and zone change along a multi-zone cable string. Three variations of Floodline Junction Box are available, Single-Zone Junction Box for Floodline Single-Zone Detection Tape, 4-Zone Junction Box for Floodline Multi-4 Detection Cable amd 8-Zone Junction Box for Floodline Multi-8 Detection Cable.

Installation and connection is easily carried out on site. Junction Boxes assist in zone identification and confirm leak location. Protective guard plates and mounting brackets are available if required.

Floodline Caution Tags

Floodline Caution Tags are a self-adhesive wrap-around tag and warn of detection cable and tape function and confirm the zone number. 

Floodline Leader Cable

Floodline Leader Cable is a dedicated, purpose-made cable for connecting Floodline Sensors to Floodline Control and Alarm Panels and for branching between detection areas on the same leak detection string. The purpose-made Floodline Leader Cable is an all LOW SMOKE FLAME RETARDANT ZERO HALOGEN (LSFR0H) construction that meets the standard for use in modern industrial and commercial environments. The core colours of the leader cable match to the core colours of the detection cable making installation simple.

Floodline cables conform to: EN 60332-3-10:2009, EN 60332-3-25:2009, EN 61034-1:2005, EN 61034-2:2005, EN 50267-1:1998 and EN 50267-2-2:1998.

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