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Why choose Floodline® for your leak detection system?

Andel’s Floodline® leak detection system, installed within critical areas of a building, provides a cost-effective, failsafe early warning system that allows for speedy response to prevent damage, reduce disruption and limit loss. Andel's comprehensive range of sensors can detect water, commercially used gases and oil leaks as well as monitor temperature and humidity across multiple zones in any building.

Floodline® control panels can isolate water, gas and oil supply to any number of zones in the event of a leak detection alarm.

10 year warranty
Customers can enjoy the additional comfort of a 10-year warranty on all Floodline® leak detection, environmental monitoring and water sustainability products, at no extra cost.

Andel has almost 30 years’ experience in the research and development, manufacture, design, supply, installation and maintenance of leak detection and monitoring systems for all types of buildings in numerous industry sectors including data centres, apartment blocks, office buildings, banks, museums and galleries, historic buildings, schools, hospitals and fuel storage facilities.

Andel's award-winning Floodline® solution is a true hybrid reporting to a single integrated control panel – unlike some other systems that require different alarm panels for different types of leak detection.

Floodline® covers all possible leak detection requirements, from single-zone to multi-zone and distance measuring systems, with the capability to protect the largest of buildings, both old and new.


Floodline® is a market-leading, robust and reliable zonal leak detection system with the option of distance measuring for monitoring water, commercially used gases and oil leak detection as well as temperature and humidity. Installed in sensitive and critical areas within buildings, Floodline® has a proven track record for resilience and reliability and sets the benchmark for leak detection in the UK.

Saves time and money

Floodline® systems allow early action to be taken to significantly limit any damage, disruption and loss that might occur in the event of water, oil or gas leaks within buildings.

Unrivalled value for money

Floodline® is highly cost-effective option, easy to install and maintain, easy to use and totally dependable.

A range of sensors

Floodline® offers a comprehensive range of water, gas and oil leak sensors, as well as temperature and humidity monitoring. Floodline® gas leak sensors can be calibrated to detect the full range of commercially used gases including refrigerant, ammonia, methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and natural gas.

Multi-function control panel

Floodline® leak detection sensors and monitoring equipment connect to a state-of-the-art, hybrid, multi-function control panel – the single control panel is more cost-effective to install, easy to maintain and easy to monitor. Control panels provide complete BMS connectivity via Modbus, BACnet, Ethernet, email and SMS through a range of onward communications and output relays.

A zonal system

Floodline® is a zone-based leak detection system for water, gas and oil that has a proven track record for resilience and reliability. The sensitivity of each zone can be calibrated to take into account the environment and working conditions for that zone, significantly reducing the risk of false alarms that can be common with other systems. All zones are electrically isolated from each other and in the event of an alarm activation or maintenance work, those zones unaffected will continue to provide full leak detection monitoring. Floodline Ranger® distance measuring system for liquid leak detection can be incorporated in a Floodline® installation and will work like any other zone, or can work as a stand-alone system. If sensors or cables are accidentally damaged, repairs are simple, cost-effective and do not affect other zones.

Distance measuring option

Floodline Ranger® distance measuring detection cable and sub-panel provides even more choice to customers. Floodline Ranger® can function as a zone in its own right, providing local meterage detection for short or longer areas up to a distance of 1500 metres, or as a stand-alone system. Floodline Ranger® detection cable is available for water and conductive liquids or for dedicated oil leak detection.

Easily maintained

Choosing Floodline® means that all electronic intelligence is contained within the single, hybrid, multi-function control panel, which is always located above floor level and fully accessible. With some other systems, electronic intelligence can be located at numerous locations and often under floor level and difficult to access. Choosing Floodline® significantly reduces disruption to customer operations, saving money and ease of maintenance avoids costly repairs.

Variable sensitivity

Floodline® systems allow the sensitivity of each zone to be calibrated to take into account the environment and working conditions for that zone, significantly reducing the risk of false alarms and avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Addressable system

Each individual zone can be equipped with any combination of leak detection and monitoring sensors.

BMS compatible

Floodline® hybrid, multi-function control panels provide complete BMS connectivity via Modbus, BACnet, Ethernet, email and SMS.

Future proof

Floodline® systems allow additional zones, sensors and upgrades to be added easily and cost-effectively.

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