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The benefits of choosing FLOODLINE™

Andel’s FLOODLINE™ leak detection system, installed within critical areas of a building, provides a failsafe early warning system that allows for quick response to prevent damage, reduce disruption and limit loss.

Andel has over 25 years’ experience in the design and supply of leak detection systems for all types of built environments including: data centres, apartment blocks, office buildings, banks, museums and galleries, historic buildings, schools, hospitals and fuel storage facilities.


FLOODLINE™ is a robust, zone-based leak detection system installed in sensitive and critical areas within buildings – providing failsafe early warning of water, oil and refrigerant gas leaks.

Saves time and money

FLOODLINE™ allows early action to be taken to significantly limit the damage, disruption and loss that occur when leaks in buildings are allowed to go unchecked.

Unrivalled value for money

FLOODLINE™ is cost-effective, simple to install, easy to use and totally dependable.

A range of sensors

FLOODLINE™ offers a comprehensive range of sensors to detect leaks from water, oil, a range of gases (refrigerant, CO1, CO2 and natural) as well as temperature and humidity.

Multi-function control panel

FLOODLINE™ systems connect to a unique, single, multi-function control panel – more cost-effective to install, maintain and monitor.

A zoned system

Unlike many other technologies, FLOODLINE™ consistently delivers accurate warnings for multi-leak detection. It is highly resistant to false alarms that can be common in other technologies. If a zone is ‘third-party’ damaged, the repair to the zone is simple and cost-effective, and importantly, other zones remain unaffected, continuing to provide full leak detection monitoring.

Long Line option

Andel’s Long Line sensing cable and sub-panel is the latest innovation in the FLOODLINE™ range providing even more choice to customers. FLOODLINE™ RANGER can function as a zone in its own right, providing local meterage detection for longer areas and can be installed as stand-alone or in conjunction with other FLOODLINE™ panels.

Easily maintained

All electronic intelligence is contained within the single, multi-function control panel, which is always above floor level and fully accessible. With other systems, electronic intelligence is often in numerous locations under the floor and difficult to access. Choosing FLOODLINE™ significantly reduces disruption to core activities, saves money and avoids costly repairs.

Variable sensitivity

With FLOODLINE™, each zone’s sensitivity can be adjusted to take into account the environment and working conditions for that zone, reducing the risk of false alarms.

Addressable system

Any zone can be any mix of sensors.

BMS compatible

Alarm notifications can be relayed to BMS.

Future proof

With Andel’s FLOODLINE™ system, additional zones and upgrades can be easily and cost-effectively bolted on.

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