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The UK’s leading developer of specialised leak detection and environmental protection systems, Andel, has donated more than 20 laptops to schoolchildren in need of IT equipment to support their homeschooling.

Following an upgrade to their systems and equipment, the Yorkshire manufacturer gave 10 laptops and tablets to Marsden Junior School and around a dozen to employees with children of school age.

Marsden Junior School had students who were unable to participate in homeschooling as they didn’t have access or were sharing devices with siblings. So, Andel sanitised, data-cleansed and donated four Windows 10 i5 laptops and six brand new Linx Windows tablets that were no longer needed to assist with the need. Around a dozen laptops were also given in exchange for a small donation to Andel employees whose families were struggling with their children’s educational requirements.

Sarah Mansell, the Principal of Marsden Junior School
Sarah Mansell, the Principal of Marsden Junior School

This was all organized and the handover completed within a week of the government announcement about the school closures. Managing Director of Andel, Peter Double, said: “We wanted to try and act as quickly as we could so the children who were struggling wouldn’t fall behind with their work.

“A special thanks to our HR & Admin Director for releasing the equipment for donation at speed.

“This is a national problem during lockdown and is likely to continue beyond for any children who need to self-isolate. “We would like to encourage all businesses, wherever they are, to see if they have any equipment or devices that could be donated to a school near them. If they can’t clear the data themselves as we did, then we are hoping other local companies would be willing to offer a service to clear devices and even distribute to schools within the community.”

The Principal of Marsden Junior School, Sarah Mansell, said: “We want to say a huge thank you to Andel for the laptops and tablets that have been donated to our school.

“The ability to access online learning is so important for our children at any time, however, during lockdown three, when a high percentage of our pupils are working from home, this becomes vital. Access to a laptop or tablet allows our pupils to complete the learning set by the teachers with ease and enables them to get teacher feedback quickly, which in turn maximizes their progress.

“Whilst pencil and paper methods are sometimes needed, online activities when working from home offer increased stimulation, motivation and inspirational learning for our children.

“We are incredibly grateful for the ability to be able to provide those pupils who don’t have access to online learning at home, a laptop or tablet. It is making a hugely positive difference in their learning.”