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The UK’s leading developer of specialised leak detection and environmental protection systems, Andel, has been awarded sole supplier status for three European products.

The Yorkshire SME will be the only UK importer of a smart water recycling product produced by Hydraloop and a temporary flood defence system, produced by BoxBarrier both from The Netherlands as well as the sole supplier for rainwater tanks, grease separators and hybrid hydrocarbon separators produced by Dulnik in Poland.

Andel pledged to be carbon net zero by 2025 and says their increased offering will benefit clients and the community so that everyone whether residential or commercial can be proactive in environmental change.

Hydraloop is a low-maintenance device that collects, treats and re-uses the water from showers, baths, washers and dryers, heat pumps and air conditioning units, allowing individuals and organisations to save water and energy.

The BoxBarrier is a temporary flood defence system, which can be used to temporarily heighten the crest of a dike or to make a temporary dam on flat terrain which prevents flooding of the areas behind it.

Dulnik is a leading Polish family-owned manufacturer of sewage treatment plants, hydrocarbon separators, grease and starch separators, rainwater tanks and accessories for sewage treatment systems.

Wessex Pumps & Pipework Managing Director, Carlton Tarrant, said: “After inspecting the full Andel-Dulnik range of products for domestic and commercial applications, I can honestly say, for the first time in many years, this is something that I’m really excited about.

“The sewage treatment products look amazing with the moulding quality inside and outside, levels above anything else in the market. The treatment media and aeration system are what make these products unique.

“The Oil interceptor range offers full retention or by-pass with its first-class media and filtration system outperforming traditional interceptor products. The Andel-Dulnik range also offers grease traps and rainwater harvesting products to the same high-quality standards. The products are very competitively priced and combined with the speed and ease of installation, makes project costs significantly lower.”

As well as its flood alert and defence systems, the Barnsley-based company is responsible for oil storage, fuel maintenance, sampling, and inspections at more than 50% of all NHS trusts in England.

Earlier this year, the Lord Mayor of Leeds welcomed Andel to the University of Leeds Nexus Innovation Hub and the company won the Manufacturing Innovation at the Made in Sheffield awards.

Sales Director, Aaron Brian, said: “Andel has built a trusted network of international distributors, all backed by our technical support and advice. This network is worldwide and ranges from Australia, Europe, and Africa to the USA.

“We view partnerships with fellow environmental organisations to be a fantastic, positive action. We all have the same end goal, and that is to make a positive influence on our environment.

“Being able to have access to a wide range of environmental products is not only beneficial to us but also to our clients and our community.”

Andel has previously won the Queen’s Award for Innovation and was cited as one of the success stories of the 2012 London Olympics – installing and commissioning several leak detection systems in the main stadium, the white-water canoe course, and the Olympic village.