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Pictured left to right: Tony Ward, Joe Cullingford and Harry Merckel
Pictured left to right: Tony Ward, Joe Cullingford and Harry Merckel

In the early 1990s, the late Ian Pogson had an idea and like the true, eccentric Yorkshire amateur boffin he was, spending as much spare time as he could in his garden shed, brought the germ of an idea to fruition. In 1992, with initial orders from the then Yorkshire Electricity, he launched Andel on the back of a single and unique product, BundGuard®, with the core principle that Andel would research and design what the market needed.

32 years later, that key principle remains key to Andel's success as it continues to research and design 90% of the products it manufactures and offers to market. Along the way, Andel's innovations aimed at making water more sustainable, have won a plethora of awards. From The Queens Award, Engineering Excellence Award to being chosen as a showcase UK Millenium Product and so many more. The proof of the pudding, however, is most certainly in the eating. You need only look at the stellar list of world wide clients who have placed their trust in what Andel’s R&D department has developed, to realise that we have kept to that first principle of understanding the market then meeting its needs through OEM in-house designed products.

Currently exporting globally to over 30 countries Andel's customers include The Royal Household, Rolls Royce, The National Grid, Amazon, Microsoft, NATO, AirBus Industries, The Pentagon, HSBC, Deutche Bank, Bank America, NAB, BNP Paribas, The Tate and The British Museum – Andel must be doing something right. At the head of the hundreds of products Andel currently manufacture, market-leading BundGaurd® in its 6th incarnation, still trusted just like it was 32 years ago.

Andel now has a full-time R&D team of six people, assisted by dozens of experienced Andel staff who bring practical knowledge and skills to the task of turning new ideas into working reality. With the team centred in Andel’s state-of-the-art Dodworth head office, 12 months ago Andel also opened a full R&D division within the prestigious Nexus building in the University of Leeds campus.

The R&D team:
Marshall Booth PhD, Technical Director, Andel's first full-time R&D staff member, joining on an early KTP in 2000.
Tony Ward, Development Director, an IT expert and a former Arriva Engineering Director.
Russell Steel, who brings to Andel over 30 years hands-on, hard experience of product development within the electricity industry.
Joe Cullingford MEng, mechanical and IoT systems design engineer.
Harry Merckel MEng, embedded systems design engineer.
Deva Vadibeler PhD, Andel's newest team member recruited via a Leeds University KTP.