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Flooding, whether on a large scale or localised, is very serious and has a detrimental impact on those it affects.

For many years our offices have been situated in the Colne Valley in Yorkshire so we are only too aware of the damage that significant flooding causes.

Likewise, localised water leaks in homes are not just inconvenient, they can mean electrical hazards, sanitary issues, loss of property and precious belongings as well as emotional turmoil.

So we have developed a new specialist detection product called FlowStop™, to prevent major mains water leaks in residential properties.

FlowStop™ is an automatic mains water shut-off system designed to monitor water supply and automatically shut it off in the event of any unusual flow activity like a burst pipe, periods of non-use or temperature drop leading to freezing pipes.

FlowStop™ monitors and manages up to two mains supplies and properties with both a hot and cold mains and so it is ideal for residential apartments, student accommodation, hotel rooms, offices and other commercial units.

It works with our world-class specialist leak detection sensors which can be installed in vulnerable areas in a property such as kitchens and utility rooms that have appliances using mains water or in areas with running water such as bathrooms, toilets and sinks.

We are the UK’s leading developer of specialised leak detection and environmental protection system and we have installed our Floodline™ products in many prestigious buildings such as The Houses of Parliament, The Pentagon and Hong Kong International Airport.

We know that here at Andel we can design and develop excellent leak detection products for commercial properties and we have now applied that knowledge to help people in their homes.

We have also secured many accolades for innovation in its 28-year history including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, the Royal Academy of Engineering & Teaching Company Directorate for Engineering Excellence and the Department of Trade & Industry Champions of Electronics Design.

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved FlowStop™ comprises a discreet wall-mounted control unit that comes in both battery-operated as well as main connected versions.

I’m really proud of what we have launched and hope that it keeps many homeowners and tenants safe from floods and water damage in future.

To find out more contact: aaron.brian@andel.co.uk