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Michael Richardson, Leak Detection Sales Manager at Andel
Michael Richardson, Leak Detection Sales Manager at Andel

The UK’s leading developer of specialised leak detection, water sustainability and environmental protection systems, Andel, has experienced remarkable sales growth with FlowStop®, having sold over 2000 units in 2023, marking a 300% increase compared to the previous year.

Michael Richardson, Leak Detection Sales Manager at Andel commented "As an environmental company, we are excited to introduce FlowStop® into the market. We see huge potential due to the product’s ability to save water and prevent leaks, especially at the residential level. We are offering people peace of mind, knowing their water usage is being monitored and controlled, while out at work and even away from a property for longer periods. We all know that every little bit counts, and sometimes it is thousands of small changes that make the biggest impact on water sustainability."

UK insurance companies are disbursing approximately £1.8 million daily to individuals filing 'escape of water' claims on their home and building insurance policies. Nearly 20% of these claims stem from leaks, a significant portion occurring during winter due to frozen pipes bursting.

These leaks are prevalent in various settings such as apartments, student housing, hotels, care facilities, offices, new constructions, and retrofit projects. There is a demand for advanced systems that can monitor excessive water flow, signalling potential leaks from multiple sources. Additionally, there is a need for safeguarding vacant properties and addressing leaks that affect multiple stories in multi-occupancy buildings.

Andel’s FlowStop® is a budget-friendly solution that has received WRAS approval. It automatically shuts off your water supply in cases of abnormal flow activity or the potential risk of frozen pipes. It operates based on three criteria for leak detection or prevention: when the normal preset continuous flow time is exceeded, when the normal preset flow rate is surpassed, or when a preset low temperature is reached. Additionally, it cuts off the water supply if it detects no flow for extended periods, assuming the property is temporarily vacant.

Andel FlowStop® offers a range of essential features tailored for efficient water supply management. This system stands out for its cost-effectiveness, providing an affordable solution without compromising quality. Its low maintenance requirements ensure longevity and hassle-free operation, making it a reliable choice.

Installation and setup are remarkably easy, ensuring a user-friendly experience. The FlowStop® system also boasts dual monitoring capabilities, allowing simultaneous oversight of one or two supply pipes. It goes the extra mile with features like freeze protection to prevent pipes from freezing, time-out protection shutting off water after inactivity, and excess flow protection to prevent wastage and damage. Additionally, FlowStop® offers 24-hour non-use protection, ensuring supply cut-off during extended periods of non-use, and an override control for manual intervention when needed. The discreet design integrates seamlessly with any environment, featuring a subtle wall-mounted control unit. FlowStop® is versatile, accommodating various pipe sizes: 15mm, 22mm, 25mm and 28mm and users have the option to include leak detection sensors for added security.

For advanced control, FlowStop® can be integrated with Building Management Systems, providing centralised management. The system offers GSM connectivity for notifications in the absence of occupants and can be powered either by mains electricity or batteries, offering flexibility in installation options.

Andel provide substantial discounts for merchants and bulk purchases, making products highly cost-effective compared to others in the market. Andel’s primary customer base includes multi-occupancy buildings, apartment complexes, hotels, care homes, student accommodations, and office buildings.

FlowStop® is available for direct purchase from Andel with a delivery lead time of 1-2 weeks. It is versatile, suitable for both residential and commercial use. Customers have the option to choose Andel’s approved and recommended installers/plumbers for professional installations, or can opt for self-installation, which typically takes 1-2 hours.