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Andel Ltd, the award winning West Yorkshire based manufacturer of specialist alarms and pumps, has secured a contract from Western Power Distribution for the supply of its BundGuard bund dewatering system.

“This is the single largest contract for BundGuard™ ever placed by the UK electricity industry” said Ian Pogson, Andel’s founder and MD. He continued ”This is a system that I conceived nearly 25 years ago. We have sold approaching 20,000 since then.

Although in its 4th version now and bearing little resemblance to our original design, it is very gratifying indeed to see demand for BundGuard keep growing 2 decades on”.

Jerry Barrett, Buyer at WPD said “We have worked with Andel for many years and have a very good relationship with them. Even so we decided to test the market with a full tender procedure. Their continued commitment to innovation, quality, service and competitiveness impressed, hence they have secured the contract”

BundGuard is a multi-faceted pumping alarm system. It solves the problem of how to eject harmless rainwater from open secondary containment around electricity transformers or oil tanks, whilst making sure that harmful oil pollutants that are always present, are retained within the “bund” *.

The BundGuard™ not only differentiates between oil and water, but it gives a series of alarms that can be relayed to a central monitoring point. Perhaps most useful is the “high oil alarm”.

*”Bund” is the term used in the UK for any form of secondary containment built around a potential source of pollution.

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