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Joe Harris, Net Zero & Sustainability Co-ordinator, Andel pictured at Andel's wildflower meadow
Joe Harris, Net Zero & Sustainability Co-ordinator, Andel pictured at Andel's wildflower meadow

Hot on the heels of winning the Sustainability Award at the Barnsley and Rotherham Business Awards 2023, Andel is delighted to announce that it has now been shortlisted for the Sustainable/Ethical Manufacturer Award at the Made in Yorkshire Awards, which will take place on Thursday, 7 March 2024. 

This prestigious event celebrates world-class companies based in Yorkshire and the Humber and the products they are making here and selling across the world. Andel is the UK’s leading developer of specialised leak detection, water sustainability and environmental protection systems.

Barnsley-headquartered Andel is committed to be Net Zero by 2025 and in the face of climate change has renewed its focus on its in-house R&D department centred at leeds University's Nexus complex and in two very specific areas – cost-effective ways to conserve water by reducing unnecessary water usage and how to warn and then protect homes and businesses from the devastating effects of flooding.

Additionally, the business has made many changes to reduce its own carbon footprint, replacing petrol and diesel cars with electric cars with plans to de-carbonise the remaining commercial fleet as well as a host of other initiatives such as diverting 99.6% of its waste from landfill to recycling. Now, all new suppliers must consider ESGs and satisfy Andel's own sustainable procuremnet requirements. Andel's Wildflower Meadow has reduced ongoing ground maintenance costs, improved biodiversity, provided a wildlife habitat, brightened up an industrial estate, sequestered carbon in the soil and given staff the opportunity to engage in a rewarding environmental project.

Andel has also donated a proportion of flood defence profit to support natural flood management such as a Slow The Flow project at the Meanwood Valley Trail in Leeds and has supported a long list of other charitable causes, most notably in 2022 raising £20,000 and sending eight volunteers to deliver aid to Ukraine, donating £1400 to a Kenyan family to buy their own fishing boat to help them out of poverty and in 2023, donating €3,000 to the Romanian charity, Light into Europe, to sponsor a guide dog to help someone with hearing and visual impairments.

Joe Harris, Andel’s Net Zero & Sustainability Co-ordinator commented, “We are thrilled to be shortlisted for this prestigious award and so soon after winning the Barnsley and Rotherham Sustainability Award. I am grateful all the team for their involvement and commitment to Andel's Net Zero goal and supporting our ESG agenda.”