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Julie Greenwood, MD and Dr Marshall Booth, Technical Director receive the Environmental Company of the Year Award.
Julie Greenwood, MD and Dr Marshall Booth, Technical Director receive the Environmental Company of the Year Award.

Andel is proud to announce they are the winners of the Environmental Company of the Year by Building and Facilities News, due to their ceaseless commitment to providing the very best in pollution protection.

Andel has considerable expertise in the Leak Detection and Environmental Pollution markets. They have a wide range of different specialisms, one of which includes the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of the unbeatable FLOODLINE™ Water, Oil and Gas Leak Detection Systems, for use in areas of critical risk.

Andel is renowned for its expert consultancy services, covering all areas of the Oil Storage Regulations 2001, in connection with oil tanks and ancillary equipment on customer sites. Julie Greenwood commented on the benefits of this popular service, to which she explained, “Our consultancy services can identify areas where improvements may be required, allowing us to then install tanks, alter pipework, test and paint tanks to prolong their life, and bring the site back up to compliancy. In addition, we offer a fuel polishing service to ensure oils which have stood within tanks for a length of time are fit for purpose, being free of particulates and water.”

Julie added, “We also design, manufacture, install and maintain our own BundGuard™ Oil and Water separating pumping systems which sit within sumps of bunds around tanks and transformers. This allows the bund to be pumped clear of water whilst still leaving any leaking oil remaining in the bund, ready to be collected and removed at a later stage.”

These are among Andel’s most popular services, especially among regional electrical companies, solar and wind farms, and hospitals, with the company having sold thousands of these high-quality and sophisticated pumping systems already.

When it comes to bunding, Andel are among the top UK suppliers of unrivalled bunding systems. Their innovative, environmentally friendly, modular ReBund™ bunding and flood defence system is specially designed and manufactured from 100% recycled plastics.

Julie continued, “We have a whole division which specialises in interceptor maintenance and servicing. Our unique selling point in this area is that our tankers only take as much waste out of the interceptors as necessary, i.e. the oil and silt, whilst we put the ‘grey’ water back and hence ensure the interceptor is left fit for purpose. This means the client only ends up paying for the removal of the actual waste and not the whole contents of the interceptor. It also means that they do not then have to re-fill the interceptor with clean water which, if the site is metered, could be quite costly.”

There are a number of reasons for choosing Andel, in addition to their varying and multi-faceted specialisms. As Andel design and manufacture their own equipment, they are able to design bespoke systems suited to each individual client’s needs. On top of this, as they manufacture everything themselves, they are better able to directly deal with any after-sales support, assisting with everything from installation to maintenance and more.

Due to their diverse range of services, they have a vast client base that ranges from M & E Contractors to banks, building societies, art galleries, museums, data centres, the majority of hospitals and universities in the UK, bus companies and much more. In fact, Andel FLOODLINE™ Leak Detection system can be found in all the main prestigious buildings within Central London, such as the Shard, Walkie Talkie, Cheese Grater, Tate Gallery, Windsor Castle, HSBC HQ, 16 Telefonica switch sites and the Houses of Parliament, to name but a few.

Most recently, Andel held their 2nd worldwide distributor conference in Marsden. Here they launched their new FLOODLINE™ 336 Leak Detection system, which incorporates the latest technology, which was well received from both visitors and peers alike. In addition to that, Andel also launched the upgraded BundGuard™ 5 Automatic Pumping System which is already seeing a steadily increasing demand from clients.

In light of winning our Environmental Company of the Year award, Julie Greenwood commented on how the last 12 months have been for Andel. She explained, “The last 12 months have seen extensive growth in all areas of the business. We are majoring on Research and Development as we need to push ahead with new products. We are also extensively marketing for export trade, and currently have distributors in the USA, Brazil, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Romania.

“Our export trade has doubled in the last 2 years and we are delighted with the performance of the company this year. Sales have hit their targets in all areas, and we are confident that the final three months of the financial year will see us exceeding expectations."