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Huddersfield-based Andel, Britain’s largest manufacturer of specialist in-building water, oil and gas leak detection systems, has invested £350, 000 in the first of a series of new generation tankers that separate drainage waste for disposal.

Using cutting edge technology, the green tankers more efficiently separate oil from water and therefore reduce waste being sent for disposal, having a positive impact on the environment.

Across the UK there are tens of thousands of oil-water interceptor separators connected to surface water drainage. Any water and oils such as petrol, diesel and lubricants, running into surface drains are collected by an interceptor to prevent them polluting the environment. Traditionally a tanker would be sent to the site to suck dry the full contents. As it contains contaminated waste, it is all sent to a registered receiving site to be disposed of.

However, the two new green tankers Andel has invested in – which also have the cleanest engine emissions on the market - separate almost all the oil from water by retaining it and letting the water run-off harmlessly.

Mark Harris, commercial director said: “Andel was founded 26 years ago and we’ve always recognised the need to keep investing for the future growth of the business whilst doing all we can to preserve the world we live in. These new tankers are not only better for the environment, but mean cost-savings for our clients.

“The tankers are more efficient so they only remove waste and not excess water which means our clients only pay for the disposal of actual waste. For example, if an interceptor has a capacity of 10 tonnes, the client pays for the disposal of 10 tonnes of waste. However, 99 times out of a hundred that 10 tonnes will be 99% water and virtually no waste. But the client still pays as if it is waste.

"Our business model is entirely different. We inspect the interceptor first on a six-monthly basis as per EA guidelines. Only if the inspection says a tanker is needed do we send one to the site. Then our tankers do not just take everything, rather they are able to separate water from oil and sludge. They keep the small volumes of sludge and oil but puts the water back. Then only the real contaminated waste is taken away and disposed of. This way, our clients only pay for actual waste. Better for the environment, better for clients. It’s win-win.”

Andel, which counts The Houses of Parliament, The Pentagon, Barclays and Hong Kong International Airport as customers, has secured many accolades in its 26-year history for innovation, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, the Royal Academy of Engineering & Teaching Company Directorate for ‘Engineering Excellence’ and the Department of Trade & Industry ‘Champions of Electronics Design’.