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The UK’s leading developer of specialised leak detection, water sustainability and environmental protection systems, Andel, launches BundGuard® 6 to the Australian market at the Global CIGRE Symposium, Cairns, Australia, 4-7 September.

Andel is partnering with Pump Power, one of Andel's valued international distributors, to showcase the new BundGuard® 6 along with a range of other products for site operators.

Originally developed by Andel in 1992, BundGuard®, a dewatering system, was a direct response to the UK electricity industry’s growing need for an effective solution for the serious water-removal problems at sub-station sites across the UK. As rainfall collects in bunded containment areas, the containment capacity of a bund is significantly reduced, increasing the risk of oil or fuel overtopping the bund and entering the ground and causing a pollution incident. BundGuard® is now the market-leading dewatering system with over thirty thousand BundGuard® units installed in the UK and overseas, protecting customer assets, site operators and the environment.

The 5G-enabled BundGuard® 6, an intelligent bund alarm, dewatering an oil recovery system offers a range of enhanced features to site operators. A dry sump alarm for instance has been developed specially for climates such as Australia which has areas that can experience very high temperatures and a lack of rainfall.

BundGuard® 6 can deal with a variety of climatic conditions from sub-zero temperatures to scorching hot weather, from excessive rainfall to no rainfall at all. 

As well as BundGuard® 6, Andel is also showcasing BundGuard® ORS, an oil recovery system that can be easily adapted for electical distributors with leaking transformers, allowing operators to save money on maintenance as well as being able to recycle or sell the recovered oil. Also featured is ReBund® a modular, environmentally-friendly bund system and FilterSepta®, an above-ground interceptor for added protection, that performs to the requirements of a Class 1 full retention oil/water separator and relevant section EN858-1:2002.

Mark Harris, Commercial Director, who is currently attending the event commented, "I am delighted to be here in Australia with our trusted partner, Pump Power. The CIGRE Symposium provides us with a fantastic opportunity to showcase our latest pollution prevention products with Pump Power.

"I am also delighted that we are seeing a lot of interest at the event and I am confident that our overseas exports will benefit from this great opportunity."