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The UK’s leading developer of specialised leak detection and environmental protection systems, Andel, donated “the best money we’ve ever spent” to support a Kenyan fisherman.  

Commercial Director, Mark Harris, befriended the fisherman, Yahyay, whilst in Zanzibar recently and said: “Yahyay told me about his life and family and we talked a lot when he had time. He told me of his dream to buy a small fishing boat so that he could go back to Kenya and provide for his family.

“He told me how he worked away from home in our hotel and sent money home and had only seen his family once in six months. He earned 100 dollars a month but over several years had saved 1200 dollars towards the boat. He needed another 1000. 

“He said proudly and confidently that he would save the money over the next four years and he asked for nothing.”

However, Mark consulted Andel's Managing Director, Peter Double, and the pair decided the company would contribute to the fisherman’s cause. Andel supports several charitable causes, for example, in April, eight employees drove to Poland to deliver £22,000 worth of aid they had collected. And the fisherman’s case was no exception.

Mark said: “When I told Yahyay we would help, to say he was over the moon is an understatement. It’s true what they say - give a man a fish and he can eat for a day but give a man a fishing rod and he can feed his family for life. 

“It is quite simply the best 1000 dollars I have ever been involved in spending.”