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Sustainable Solutions to Wastewater and Drainage Management – Our Products


Is your business struggling with excessive wastewater, leading to inefficiencies and environmental concerns? At Andel, we offer products designed to drastically reduce water wastage while ensuring durability and sustainability.

Manufactured from one-piece high-density polyethylene, our products boast exceptional tensile strength and resistance to various elements including pH, chemicals, and frost. But why choose our HDPE products over traditional alternatives like GRP tanks. The reasons are manifold – let's take a look into the specifics of each of our drainage and wastewater products and what they offer.

Hybrid Hydrocarbon Interceptor/Separator

Organisations with hard standing surfaces must take proactive measures to prevent pollution incidents from surface water drainage. Our Hybrid Hydrocarbon Interceptor/Separators offer a simple and cost-effective solution. With no requirement for costly concrete foundation work, installation is hassle-free, reducing both time and environmental impact. Plus, their design minimises maintenance costs, eliminating the need for component replacements.

Grease and Starch Separator

Environmentally conscious businesses can benefit from our Grease and Starch Separators, designed for underground installation. These separators efficiently separate pollutants from wastewater, with grease floating to the surface and heavy substances settling at the bottom. Equipped with an anti-foaming system, they meet the requirements of various environments including catering facilities, restaurants, and industrial cooking facilities, as per BS-EN 1825 standards.

Rainwater Harvester Tank

Reduce your water consumption by up to 40% with our Rainwater Harvesting Tanks. Installed underground, these tanks collect and store rainwater from rooftops and drainage areas for various purposes such as irrigation and domestic use. By promoting sustainable water management, they alleviate water scarcity and reduce reliance on mains water.

Soakaway Tank

Manage surface water effectively with our Soakaway Tanks, allowing slow infiltration into the ground for improved drainage. Constructed from HDPE, these tanks offer outstanding tensile strength and impact resistance. Ideal for small plots of land, they help control rainwater runoff, preventing flooding and soil erosion.

Modular Wastewater Treatment Plant

Communities lacking access to a collective sewage system can rely on our Modular Wastewater Treatment Plants. Suitable for hotels, housing estates, schools, and more, these plants can cater to the needs of several hundred people. Our expert team provides advice to select the most suitable option, ensuring compliance with local regulations and budget constraints. With lightweight HDPE construction, installation costs are minimised, allowing for aesthetic landscaping above ground.

Premium Septic Tank

The first stage in treating domestic sewage, our Premium Septic Tanks feature both anaerobic and aerobic treatment stages. With a robust design and efficient filtration system, they ensure effective wastewater treatment while minimising environmental impact.

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