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Prevent rather than cure for leak detection


We understand that businesses encounter the potential hazards of water, oil, and gas leaks, and in response, we've developed leak detection products designed to mitigate the impact of these inevitable events.

Our award-winning Floodline® products can be installed within critical areas of a building to provide a cost-effective, failsafe early warning system. This allows for a quick response to prevent damage, reduce disruption, and limit loss. Our comprehensive range of sensors can detect water, commercially used gases and oil leaks as well as monitor temperature and humidity across multiple zones in any building. 

Floodline® HLD Control Panel

Our advanced Floodline® HLD control panel can monitor a remarkable range of zones, from 4 to 224 using resistance-based and Modbus-enabled sensors. It simultaneously tracks water, oil, gas, temperature, and humidity sensors, while its swift response can activate solenoid valves to shut off supplies in case of leaks across single or multiple zones. Sensitivity adjustments for each zone ensure tailored monitoring, facilitated by an intuitive touchscreen setup. With its 8-inch LED touchscreen, hybrid monitoring capabilities, and diverse communication options, it stands as a pinnacle of intelligent and comprehensive control.

Floodline® Multi-8 Detection Cable

This product can also prevent leaks through allowing up to eight separately reporting leak detection zones from one single cable. The Multi-8 Detection Cable’s intelligent design swiftly identifies the presence of water anywhere along its entire length. This product is available in any length to provide as required. By integrating this product with your Floodline® control panel, you fortify your ability to detect leaks proactively. 

Floodline® Digital Gas Detection System – Multi-Gas Sensor

The Floodline® Digital Gas Detection System – Multi-Gas Sensor offers a sophisticated solution for the reliable and continuous monitoring of specific gases in various environments. This state-of-the-art system employs semiconductor sensors that possess the remarkable capability of being precisely calibrated to detect a singular gas from a comprehensive range of commercially utilised gases.

Floodline® Oil Leak Detection Sensor

To prevent oil leaks – we recommend the Floodline® Oil Leak Detection Sensor. It is designed to activate upon contact with oil and other conductive liquids. This sensitivity ensures that any potential links are detected swiftly, minimising the risk of spillage. After the detection and containment of a leak, the sensor can be reset and re-used multiple times, ensuring that your operations can quickly resume. The versatility of the oil leak detection sensor extends to its integration capabilities. It can be seamlessly connected in any number and combination with other Floodline® sensors and control panels. This means you can create a comprehensive leak detection network, tailored to your facility’s needs.

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