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Introducing Hydraloop® – our newest partnership


At Andel, we are consistently seeking ways to improve water sustainability for a cleaner and safer environment. We are extremely proud to announce our newest partnership with Hydraloop, marking our new role as a distributor for their innovative water recycling products.

Andel and Hydraloop launch the new partnership at Proptech Connect

Andel in conjunction with Hydraloop attended the Proptech Connect event at the InterContinental, London in September 2024. The focus was on water sustainabilty through technology and innovation and the adoption of technology within the built environment. The event was well attended and with a lot of interest in Hydraloop and Andel's water sustainability products.

What is Hydraloop?

Hydraloop designs and produces water recycling products that have the capability to make a significant impact on businesses and residential water and energy conservation. With the capability to save 25% to 45% on tap water consumption, their systems contribute to a substantial reduction in both water and energy usage.

Reduce wastewater

Wastewater reduction is another crucial aspect of Hydraloop's technology. By recycling water within your property, these systems minimise wastewater output, promoting a more circular and responsible water usage cycle. This not only conserves resources but also aids in lowering your overall carbon footprint.

Award-winning technology

What sets Hydraloop apart is their commitment to ensuring that water recycling doesn't compromise living comfort. The reused water generated by the systems is clean, clear, and disinfected, thanks to their patented award-winning technology. This commitment is further reinforced by their adherence to the highest international standards, providing users with peace of mind regarding the safety and quality of the recycled water.

User-friendly products

The user-friendly nature of Hydraloop products is evident in their compact design and IoT-connected features. Installation is simple, and the systems operate fully automatically, eliminating the need for constant monitoring. Forget about cleaning or replacing filters, adding chemicals, or dealing with high maintenance costs – their self-cleaning mechanism ensures a hassle-free experience.

Affordable solutions

Not only does Hydraloop excel in performance, but also in accessibility. These systems are affordable, making sustainable living an achievable goal for a wider audience. With 24/7 online performance monitoring and a convenient smartphone app, users can effortlessly track and manage their water usage, ensuring transparency and control at their fingertips.

Take a significant step towards a more water-efficient, energy-saving, and eco-friendly lifestyle with Andel – contact us today.