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Environment agency warns about increased risk of flooding in the winter months


Winter's arrival brings forth not only a change in climate but also an elevated threat of flooding in numerous regions. This impending risk poses a substantial challenge to communities, properties, and critical infrastructure. The current climate crisis has exacerbated the frequency and severity of winter floods, necessitating a proactive stance and the implementation of robust flood defence measures.

Luckily, at Andel, we provide a number of flood defence solutions to ease the effects of winter flooding affecting you or your business. Our strategy involves establishing a proactive network of defensive barriers, ensuring a swift response to floods triggered by rainfall. This safeguards the lives and valuable assets of vulnerable communities.

FloodAlert posts can be strategically positioned to provide optimal advance warning to vulnerable properties, enabling timely precautionary measures. These posts are effortless to install and configure. Equipped with sensors, they transmit alerts and offer real-time monitoring of groundwater, surface water, and watercourse levels to a cloud-based portal. This portal is accessible from any internet-connected smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer without the need for special software.FloodAlert utilises a sturdy ultrasonic LoRaWAN level sensor and integrated radio, enclosed in a recycled, waterproof, and shatter-resistant casing to ensure consistent reliability. These posts can be placed up to 10 kilometres away (in some cases, 15 kilometres) from a gateway, and each gateway can connect to an unlimited number of users.

Another flood solution that we provide is FloodWall, an eco-friendly, scalable flood defence solution meticulously crafted for enduring protection of residences and businesses susceptible to flooding risks. FloodWall offers a resilient, budget-friendly, and straightforward installation process. Its panels and posts are engineered from 100% impermeable, recycled post-industrial plastic waste, strengthened by steel-pipe reinforced posts to ensure enhanced durability. This innovative system guarantees long-term peace of mind for properties facing the threat of flooding.

Our FloodPump system also offers a great flood defence system. It consists of a control panel mounted on the wall and a submersible sensor and pump unit. Developed specifically for flood defence applications, FloodPump utilises proven technology derived from Andel's globally renowned BundGuard®—a pump dewatering solution trusted by thousands of electrical distributors and oil storage site operators worldwide for rainwater removal in protected areas. Equipped with communication relays, the control panel can send SMS alarm notifications and updates to mobile devices. FloodPump features a modular design that can be customised to address various flood risk scenarios. It operates continuously and automatically, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Discover our other flood defence solutions today: https://www.andel.co.uk/flood-defence/