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BundGuard 5 – oil and water differentiator alarm and pump system for oil storage management


BundGuard, Andel’s first ever product, invented by the late Ian Pogson 25 years ago, is launched in its 5th generation version.

BundGuard is a tried and tested oil and water differentiating alarm and automatic pump system for the safe dewatering of bunds, ensuring that harmful polluting oil is left safely within the secondary containment.

The pump and detection unit remain unchanged, the BundGuard 5 control panel now has an array of additional extra features and is interchangeable with its predecessor, BundGuard 4.

The new features include Modbus and/or SMS onward communication as well as volt-free contacts, a pump efficacy monitor to warn of servicing requirements, flow metering, outlet pressure monitoring to warn of blockages, battery back-up and a double pump control with auto changeover for emergency tasking.

Over 30,000 BundGuards have been supplied worldwide and are the standard issue for transformer bunds in many countries around the world. Additionally, BundGuard 5 is ideal for tank bunds and the growing flood defence market.

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