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Specialist products and services to protect people and assets in the residential sector

A range of flood defence products and an automatic water supply usage monitoring and isolation system specially developed for the residential market

The Environment Agency warns that over five million properties in the UK are at risk of flooding by rivers, the sea and surface water flooding from overflowing drains. There is also a growing requirement from insurers of residential properties to have a leak detection and a flood prevention system in place.

Andel has gained a wealth of experience in the science and technology involved in the protection of the built and natural environments from water and gas leaks, oil spills and surface-water drainage problems. The business is looking to familiar, tried and tested technologies and adapting to effective flood defence and residential leak detection applications.

Flood Defence

As the frequency of flood incidents in the UK increases, there is a growing risk to properties not adequately protected by flood defences or not covered by the Environment Agency flood warning system. Andel is now investing in flood defence and warning systems to protect UK properties.

Andel has developed a range of flood defence products including Andel FloodAlert®, Andel FloodWall® and Andel FloodPump to create a proactive chain of defensive lines to allow for a timely response to flooding caused by rainfall to protect both people and assets.


Andel FloodAlert®

Andel FloodAlert® is the ideal early warning system for single and multiple properties at risk of flooding through rising groundwater

The posts can be strategically positioned to give maximum warning to allow for evasive action.

Easy to install and set up, the posts transmit warnings and real-time monitoring of water levels to a cloud-based portal, accessible from any internet enabled device, with no necessity for special software. Andel FloodAlert® uses a robust, ultrasonic LoRaWAN level sensor and integrated radio, encased in a recycled, watertight and shatter-resistant outer casing, ensuring consistent reliability. The posts can be installed up to 15 kilometres from the gateway in some cases and each gateway can connect to an unlimited number of users.

  • Cost-effective, real-time local flood alert system
  • Easy to install and set up 
  • Robust and reliable system
  • FloodAlert® sensor sends SMS and email alerts to give you time to take evasive action to protect your property
  • Live monitoring on a cloud-based portal, via any device with internet connectivity
  • Tracks surface water levels for up to 15km from a gateway
  • Can communicate with an unlimited number of designated users
  • Three alert levels, tailored to each installation
  • Communication via a low-power LoRaWAN network
  • Multiple FloodAlert® posts can interconnect to form a network for flooding hotspots.

Andel FloodWall®

An innovative design that has been specially adapted for the flood defence market from Andel’s market-leading ReBund®. ReBund® is a tried and tested containment product that has been installed nationwide for thousands of electrical distributors and oil storage site operators, protecting assets and the environment for over a decade.

Andel FloodWall® is a modular, low-cost, perimeter flood defence system designed to give long-term peace of mind to homes and businesses at threat from local flood incidents. Robust, cost-effective and easy to install, Andel FloodWall® is constructed from 100% non-porous, post-industrial plastic waste, with steel reinforced posts for added strength.

Andel FloodWall® has been designed and tested to meet the requirements of British Standard BS 851188-1:2019 for Flood resistance products.

  • Cost-effective compared to traditional flood defence systems
  • A modular system designed for easy transportation and speedy on-site assembly
  • Suitable for both new build and retrofit installations, residential and commercial
  • Environmentally friendly, reducing your carbon footprint compared to an all-concrete construction
  • Constructed from nonporous, durable, 100% post-industrial recycled plastic waste
  • Aesthetically sympathetic with a wood-effect finish
  • Steel reinforced posts for added strength
  • Built to withstand the force of floodwater 

Andel FloodPump®

Andel FloodPump® is an industry-unique, advanced, alarm and automatic flood pump system that can be deployed inside or out, protecting buildings and protected areas at risk from flooding. The system works continuously and automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Andel FloodPump® has been specially developed and adapted for the flood defence market from Andel’s market-leading BundGuard® – a tried and tested product that has been installed nationwide for thousands of electrical distributors and oil storage site operators, protecting assets and the environment for over 25 years.

The system is flexible and can be configured to manage a range of different flood risk scenarios. 

  • Can be deployed inside or out
  • Operates up to two flood pumps
  • Sends SMS text alarm notifications and updates to mobile devices
  • Automatically controls other flood defence closure equipment such as flood gates, flood doors and drain flaps
  • Provided system staus alerts
  • Works continuously and automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Andel can also provide a range of manual and automatic closure devices such as non-return valves for drainage systems, flood gates, flood doors and drain flaps as well as providing assistance to self-help groups and flood defence volunteer groups with a range of discounted products and assistance with applications for flood defence grants.


Andel FlowStop® is ideal for residential customers, property developers and agents managing multi-occupancy residential developments.

In response to the growing requirement from insurers of residential properties to have a leak detection and a flood prevention system in place, Andel has launched FlowStop® – a cost-effective and easy-to-install automatic water usage and water supply shut-off system, offering 24-hour protection against internal flooding. 

The WRAS Approved system is fully automated, easy to install and has been specially developed for residential properties.

  • Freeze Protection: Shuts off the water supply if the temperature falls below 3°C
  • Time Out Protection: Shuts off the water supply if water has been running for more than 15 minutes
  • Excess Flow Protection: Shuts off the water supply if FlowStop® senses that there has been a burst pipe or there is an abnormal flow of water
  • 24-Hour Non-use Protection: Shuts off the water supply if no water has been used for 24 hours 
  • Reset Button: Resets the system and allows the water supply to flow again
  • Bypass Feature: Turns monitoring off for 1 hour
  • Vacate Mode: Allows you to turn off the water supply for short periods of time, for instance, when away for a few days or on holiday
  • Pad Detectors: Optional water leak detection sensors for monitoring vulnerable areas like washing machines and dishwashers are also available

For more information about our range of bespoke services for the residential market, please contact Aaron Brian.

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