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A range of specialist environmental products and services to support the facilities management offering

Andel is a key supplier of bespoke environmental services with for over 25 years' experience in the Facilities Management sector

From leak detection and fuel and oil pollution prevention and storage maintenance to specialist drainage services and flood defence, our considerable experience means Andel is the ideal partner for facilities management companies protecting the assets of the many organisations they serve. Andel provides a range of innovative products, system design, installaltion, maintenance, testing and inspections. Our approach is flexible, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and tailored to every customer and end-user's requirements. 

It is alo part of our mission to be a carbon neutral business and all our services are designed to minimise environmental impact and to help customers achieve their own environmental objectives.

Customers include:

Leak Detection

A complete turnkey solution for your leak detection requirements

Andel has emerged as one of the global market leaders in leak detection systems. Andel's Floodline® solution is a true hybrid and can report to a single integrated control panel – unlike some other systems on the market that require different alarm panels for different types of leak detection. Our extensive Floodline® product range includes water and oil leak detection cables, sensors and alarms, gas leak sensors that can be calibrated to detect any commercially used gas and temperature and humidity sensors for environmentally sensitive areas – all connecting to a single, state-of-the-art, BMS-compatible, hybrid control panel for continuous environmental monitoring.

The system can also automatically isolate water, oil and gas supply in the event of a leak.

Andel’s Floodline® is a zonal system, providing continuous monitoring, that can pinpoint a leak from single to multi-zone and distance measuring systems, with the capability to protect any building, old or new.

Andel provides a complete solution – from consultancy and site survey to equipment selection, system design, supply, installation and after-sales support and maintenance for any size of project for all types of operators anywhere in the UK.

Future proof – Floodline® systems allow additional zones, sensors and upgrades to be added easily and cost-effectively.

Next generation control panel that takes leak detection to a new level


Floodline® HLD Control Panel:

  • State-of-the-art, multi-zone, hybrid environmental monitoring system
  • Monitors from 4 to 128 traditional zones within a building plus from 16 to 224 Modbus enabled zones
  • Digital panel with 8” LED touchscreen display (Floodline® HLD 128/224)
  • Monitors water, oil and gas leaks
  • Monitors temperature and humidity levels
  • Monitors oil storage data
  • Embedded map of the building pinpoints the location of any alarm activation (Floodline® HLD 128/224)
  • Zone-based system that monitors the full range of Floodline® leak detection sensors with the option of Floodline Ranger® distance measuring water and oil leak detection
  • Complete BMS connectivity via Modbus, BACnet, Ethernet, email and SMS
  • Controls solenoid valves to automatically isolate water, oil and gas supply in the event of a leak.

Drainage and Interceptor Maintenance

Andel provides drainage services to some of the largest public and private sector organisations in the UK 

Andel has become a recognised market-leader in the maintenance of surface water drainage systems and underground interceptor waste tanks and separators.

Drainage maintenance should be top priority for any business

Failure to maintain your surface water drainage and interceptors could result in flooding, sewage spills, pollution incidents and major disruption to operations. The combined financial impact of the repair costs and impact to operational efficiency or breakdown may be significant. There are also the regulatory penaties to consider. If it is considered that a business is not follwing the correct precedures in drainage and waste water management, the relevant authoritiesthey will take punitive action.

Prevention is better than cure

Andel recommends planned and preventative drainage maintenance. We provide a range of drainage services:

  • Site surveys
  • Drain water sampling
  • Drain tracing
  • Drain mapping
  • Drain clearing
  • CCTV drainage surveys
  • Underground leak detection
  • Drainage remedial work


Interceptor maintenance and pollution prevention

Pollution poses a significant legal, environmental and financial risk to any business or organisation with a hard standing area. Any areas that catch rainfall and have significant vehicle traffic or fuelling facilities must have an underground oil separator installed to avoid surface water drainage polluting the environment.Andel provides interceptor installation and regular servicing and support to many businesses throughout the UK.

You can rest assured that with Andel you will have the products, expertise and services to maintain your interceptor waste tanks and drainage systems and keep you protected from the risk of environmental incidents and the potentially costly consequences. We provide a highly cost-effective service tailored to suit the need.

Interceptor emptying service

If an interceptor needs emptying, we use de-watering tankers that only take away contaminants and not grey water. Andel’s tankers are equipped to extract the contents of the tank on site, separate the water from the oil, silt and any other impurities and return the grey water to the tank.

Because we are not carrying grey water around in our tankers, we are able to cover several sites in one day, offering a lower cost to customers. We also avoid the costly and time-inefficient exercise of refilling the interceptor tank from the mains water supply, saving hospitals time and money as well as significantly reducing the environmental impact.

Oil and Fuel Storage Maintenance


Is your stored diesel fuel ready for an emergency?

If you fail to maintain your stored fuel and storage tanks, it could be a disaster waiting to happen. 

All businesses rely on the continuity of electricity supply. For those mission-critical operators whose standby power is provided by back-up generators, maintaining a sufficient quantity of well maintained stored fuel on site is essential. Because modern fuel contains lower sulphur content and significantly higher amounts of biodiesel, bacterial and fungal growth are common in stored fuel. Microbial contamination, known as the diesel bug, is a problem that faces every business storing fuel. 

Contaminated fuel supplies can result in at best machinery not operating efficiently and at worst in total breakdown. Failure to regularly inspect your stored fuel and storage tanks can result in emergency, mission-critical equipment failing when you need it most.


A cost-effective solution for businesses across the UK

Andel provides a comprehensive range of oil storage maintenance services including:

Pollution prevention and compliance

Andel has been carrying out oil storage compliance inspections for over 25 years for customers in the public and private sectors. Andel can ensure that robust pollution prevention measures are in place and customer's fuel storage is fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

Andel inspections are carried out by OFTEC registered and fully qualified technicians and can provide a full detailed report for all on-site fuel storage. 

Andel’s annual oil storage compliance inspections go beyond standard OFTEC recommendations to give you total peace of mind that your oil storage remains compliant with all current regulations. 

Pollution prevention products

Andel offers a range of innovative pollution prevention products including bunds, pumps, separators, gauges, generator exhaust abatement systems and alarm systems for any size of hospital fuel oil storage installation.

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