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Peace of mind for data centre and mission-critical operators

An industry-unique dual solution for liquid and gas leak detection and oil storage maintenance and compliance

Andel provides an industry-unique, one-stop solution to protect continuity of service and give peace of mind to data centre and mission-critical operators across the country. Our hands-on experience goes back over a quarter of a century providing leak detection and oil storage maintenance, working with some of the largest public and private organisations in the UK.

Our unrivalled experience working in mission-critical environments allows us to deliver an effective, reliable and flexible turnkey environmental solution to data centre and mission-critical operators, where continuity of service is essential.

Customers include:

Telefonica Wellcome Trust
Global Switch Bank of America
Metro Bank Barclays
Bank of China Deutsche Bank
Goldman Sachs Reuters
Airbus British Aerospace
Rolls Royce Microsoft
Google Facebook
National Grid  

Leak Detection

A complete turnkey solution for your leak detection requirements

Data centres, exchanges and switch centres provide a critical service to millions of subscribers. Continuity of service is not only essential to users but also vital to operators who are naturally concerned to protect their buildings from the threat of leaks and the potential damage to revenue and reputation unchecked leaks can cause.

Andel’s Floodline® leak detection systems are chosen as the most reliable and cost-effective option by many of the world’s most prestigious blue-chip organisations.  

Data and communications centres are built to the latest design specifications employing cutting-edge features and technologies. Mile upon mile of data network and power cable is installed under raised access floors where it can be organised and routed safely out of sight. The problem is that the same void also contains water service pipes feeding air conditioning units, toilets and kitchens . The unsightly pipes can be hidden from view along with te potential problems they pose.

Our extensive Floodline® product range includes water and oil leak detection cables, sensors and alarms, gas leak sensors that can be calibrated to detect any commercially used gas and temperature and humidity sensors for environmentally sensitive areas – all connecting to a single, state-of-the-art, BMS-compatible, hybrid control panel for continuous environmental monitoring. The system can also automatically isolate water, oil and gas supply in the event of a leak.

Andel’s Floodline® is a zonal system, providing continuous monitoring, that can pinpoint a leak from single to multi-zone and distance measuring systems, with the capability to protect any building, old or new.

Andel provides a complete solution – from consultancy and site survey to equipment selection, system design, supply, installation and after-sales support and maintenance for any size of project for data centres and mission-critical operators anywhere in the UK

Floodline® HLD – the next generation control panel that takes leak detection to a whole new level

  • Monitors from 4 to 128 zones using resistance-based sensors
  • Plus from 8 to 224 zones using Modbus-enabled sensors
  • Can monitor water, oil, gas, temperature and humidity sensors simultaneously
  • In the event of a leak can activate solenoid valves to automatically shut off water, oil or gas supply as required, in any single or group of zones
  • Allows the sensitivity of each zone to be adjusted to recognise its individual requirements – all via the touchscreen setup
  • Full hybrid simultaneous monitoring of traditional zonal and distance measuring leak detection systems
  • Digital panel with large 8-inch LED touchscreen
  • Embedded map of monitored areas pinpoints location of any alarm activation
  • Modbus or volt-free contact connection to BMS
  • Onward communication capabilities include Modbus, Ethernet, email and SMS

Stored Fuel Maintenance

Is your stored diesel fuel ready for an emergency?

If you fail to maintain your stored fuel and storage tanks, it could be a disaster waiting to happen. 

A data centre relies on the continuity of its electricity supply. Standby power provided by back-up generators must activate quickly and there must be a sufficient quantity of stored fuel on site to keep back-up generators running to cover for an extended power outage.

Because modern fuel contains lower sulphur content and significantly higher amounts of biodiesel, bacterial and fungal growth are common in stored fuel. Microbial contamination, known as the diesel bug, is a problem that faces every data centre and mission-critical operator storing fuel for generators. 

Failure to regularly inspect your stored fuel and storage tanks can result in emergency, mission-critical equipment failing when you need it most.

A cost-effective solution for data centres across the UK

Andel provides a comprehensive range of oil storage maintenance services including:

Pollution prevention and compliance

Andel has been carrying out oil storage compliance inspections for over 25 years for customers in the public and private sectors. Andel can ensure that robust pollution prevention measures are in place and your fuel storage is fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

Andel inspections are carried out by OFTEC registered and fully qualified technicians and can provide a full detailed report for all of your on-site fuel storage. 

Andel’s annual oil storage compliance inspections go beyond standard OFTEC recommendations to give you total peace of mind that your oil storage remains compliant with all current regulations. 

Pollution prevention products

Andel offers a range of innovative pollution prevention products including bunds, pumps, separators, gauges, generator exhaust abatement systems and alarm systems for any size of fuel oil storage installation.

For more information about our bespoke services for data centre and mission-critical operators, please contact Mark Harris.

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