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Interceptor maintenance, interceptor and drainage inspections

Environment Agency guidelines state that interceptors should be inspected regularly with a major structural survey every five years.

Andel provides a comprehensive and cost-effective service for underground interceptors and related surface water drainage. Our engineers are trained to carry out their work to the highest standards, including interceptor commissioning, interceptor emptying, filter changing and confined space entry.

Interceptors and separator units catch any oil entering surface water systems and are essential for protecting our environment and preventing pollution. The build up of oil, silt and debris within an interceptor tank can cause hydrocarbon contamination as well as being a potential flood risk.

Andel provides regular servicing and support to customers who have petrol interceptors and oil separators. Andel will ensure a full service is carried out and most importantly that filters are changed and alarm systems calibrated. All Andel products and services are fully compliant with Environment Agency guidelines. We inspect and certify, we carry out full drainage trace surveys and mapping (as required by the emergency services) as well as drain condition surveys using state-of-the-art robot-mounted CCTV cameras and WinCan industry-leading reporting software.

Andel only use licensed disposal facilities, ensuring your duty of care obligations are met with waste transferred in accordance with Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005. Andel inspections coupled with the monitoring of interceptor alarm equipment, auto-closure devices and surface water drainage surveys will eliminate the risk of a pollution incident and will give early warning of any potential problems. Our team of fully-trained operatives will also carry out any remedial work needed, such as repairing and unblocking damaged drains and gullies including tree root cutting and removal.

Andel can inspect, service, empty, install, commission and supply all types of oil separators and petrol interceptors as well as supply alarm systems and spill control products.

You can rest assured that with Andel you will have the products, expertise and services to maintain your interceptor waste tanks and drainage systems and keep you protected from the risk of environmental incidents and their costly consequences.

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Andel Drain Tracing Datasheet

A correct and current drainage plan is required by the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 and the Ground Water Regulations (1998). Andel’s drain survey report can be tailored to suit customer requirements. The report will identify which drain performs which function and the route of each drain will be traced and mapped onto a site plan.


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