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Interceptor maintenance and management

Andel provides a highly cost-effective and friendly interceptor maintenance service, focusing on inspection first, avoiding where possible, the use of expensive tankers if not required – we tailor the service to suit the need. 

If an interceptor needs emptying, we use de-watering tankers that only take away contaminants and not grey water. Unlike many other operators, Andel’s tankers are equipped to extract the contents of the tank on site, separate the water from the oil, silt and any other impurities and return the grey water to the tank. 

The benefits of Andel’s interceptor emptying service: 

Andel has many satisfied customers who rely on us to maintain their interceptor tanks and surface water drainage systems. We ensure that Andel customers receive the best and most cost-effective service and are always compliant with all the relevant environmental legislation.

If you need assistance with any interceptor or surface water drainage project, get in touch now   Please call: +44 (0)1484 845 000 or Contact Us

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