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Drainage services

Andel drainage service teams are highly trained, experienced and vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which means we can resolve any drainage problems quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

It is our philosophy that prevention is always better than cure and regular maintenance packages are available for those customers who require a planned and preventative maintenance programme to ensure large area drainage systems are maintained in good working order. 

All Andel products and services are fully compliant with current legislation and guidelines. We inspect and certify, we carry out full drainage trace surveys and mapping (as required by the emergency services) as well as drain condition surveys and can carry out any remedial work required.

Blocked drains 

Blocked drains are one of the most common maintenance problems experienced by both homes and businesses and can cause serious damage to a property and much inconvenience if left unattended. 

A blocked drain may not be obvious until urgent action is required. 

Rising wastewater from drains or manhole covers on your property is an obvious sign of a blockage and if this is happening you should take immediate action. 

Other signs to look out for:

  • Nasty odours from pipes and drains are often the first sign of a problem 
  • Slow or no drainage in wastewater outlets such as toilets, showers, baths and sinks. 
  • Gurgling noises from plugholes, toilets, pipes and drains can also be an early warning of a problem and are caused by blockages that push air back up through a drainage system.

Next step

If you are experiencing any of the above, you need to check that the problem is within the boundary of your property and therefore your responsibility. If you have a shared drainage system with other properties you should call your local water and sewage utility company.

If the problem is within the boundaries of your property and in your own drainage system – call Andel on 01484 845 000.

Drain jetting

Andel’s high-pressure water jetting is the perfect and cost-effective method for removing the build up and blockages that are found in and attached to drains and pipes. Jetting removes debris, rust, scale, tree roots, grease, concrete and rubble and provides a less disruptive solution by avoiding the need for excavation. Jetting removes blockages and restores optimum flow back to the pipe quickly and efficiently.

High-pressure jetting is also environmentally friendly and provides a simple and cost-effective solution to many sewer and drainage problems. Following drainage pipe cleaning and de-scaling, all waste is disposed of in accordance with environmental legislation.

Drain tracing and mapping

Andel’s drain tracing and mapping services can range from locating a buried manhole or an underground pipe to mapping out a large-scale drainage system such as a hospital.

This service is particularly useful where there are no available plans of a drainage system. The Andel service includes the use of dyes and satellite tracking and generates accurate and detailed plans of drainage runs, flow directions, manholes, depths and pipe sizes. The plan or mapping of a drainage system is essential for managing drainage maintenance, for planning and carrying out any kind of building work and for the fire services attending an incident.

Andel provides drainage plans in CAD, with both electronic and hard copies of the finished the plan.

Drain remedial work

Though drain repairs may seem daunting to many homeowners and businesses, if underground drainage pipes are damaged or cracked and left unchecked, leakage can cause major problems such as sewage leakage, environmental pollution and structural damage.

Tree roots are a common cause of damage to underground wastewater pipes. Following a CCTV survey and having identified the precise location of the problem, Andel’s state-of-the-art cutting equipment can be deployed to cut out tree roots internally without digging up the ground.

Through the use of advanced techniques, the Andel approach is to minimise disruption and if possible to avoid excavation by repairing internal damage by relining a pipe. Relining means inserting and bonding a drain lining to the internal surface of the damaged pipe and creating a new pipe within the old pipe. Relining is highly effective and can be applied to both vertical and horizontal pipes of all sizes. 

If excavation of the damaged area is unavoidable, all work is carefully planned, managed and executed and our experienced team will work with sensitivity and with the minimum possible disruption to homeowners or to business operations.

CCTV surveys

Andel drainage teams are equipped with state-of-the-art, remote control drain inspection CCTV systems, avoiding the need for manual drain entry where possible. CCTV surveys can be undertaken with minimum disruption to homeowners and business operations.

We provide high-resolution, full-colour CCTV images and a detailed structural report, professionally coded with industry-standard Wincan reporting software approved by water authorities throughout the UK. 

Any necessary remedial work is highlighted in the report and Andel can advise on the most appropriate solution

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