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Andel – the simple solution for managing your interceptor tanks and surface water drainage

Andel provides a range of customer-focused services to avoid the costly consequences of pollution from surface water drainage. With many years of experience in this specialised field, Andel has become a recognised market-leader in the management and servicing of underground interceptor waste tanks, separators and surface water drainage systems.

Pollution poses a significant legal, environmental and financial risk to any company or organisation with a hard standing area. Environment Agency guidelines state that any areas which catch rainfall and have significant vehicle traffic or fuelling facilities must have an oil separator installed to avoid surface water drainage polluting the environment.

Andel provides regular servicing and support to numerous organisations throughout the UK with fuel interceptors and oil separators as well as providing CCTV drainage surveys, site surveys and drainage water sampling.

Interceptor tanks trap oil entering surface water drainage systems. They are essential for protecting the environment and preventing pollution from fuel and oil and its costly consequences. It is also essential that interceptor tanks are installed correctly and are regularly serviced and maintained.

Andel can inspect, service, empty, install, commission and supply all types of oil separators and petrol interceptors as well as supply alarm systems and spill control products.

Typical Andel activities on an interceptor waste and drainage site visit

Andel protects the environment from the risk of pollution by maintaining your interceptors and surface water drainage systems, keeping you compliant with regulations at all times, wherever you are in the UK.

You can rest assured that with Andel you will have the products, expertise and services to maintain your interceptor waste tanks and drainage systems and keep you protected from the risk of environmental incidents and their costly consequences.

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Andel’s IWS division provides a range of materials and services within the field of environmental protection. Our product range includes specialist drainage products and alarm systems to guard against incidents of pollution. We also have the expertise to design and fabricate bespoke engineered products to individual client specifications.


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