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Is your stored fuel ready for an emergency?

The diesel bug

Due to changes in EU regulations, for environmental reasons, modern fuel oil now contains lower sulphur content and significantly higher amounts of biodiesel. The presence of biosdiesel, though only up to 7%, means that bacterial and fungal growth is common in stored fuel. Microbial contamination that grows in diesel has come to be known as 'the diesel bug' and is a problem that faces every site operator storing fuel. The diesel bug does not describe a single organism – but thousands of types of bacteria, as well as mould, fungi and and a slimy build up of biofilm which can cause acid erosion and blockages. 

Contaminated fuel supplies can result in at best machinery not operating efficiently and at worst in total breakdown. Failure to regularly inspect your stored fuel oil can result in emergency, mission-critical equipment failing when you need it most. If you store fuel oil to power back-up generators in the event of a power outage and fail to maintain the integrity of your oil and above-ground storage tanks, it could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Andel has been maintaining major oil storage facilities for over 25 years and has gained extensive hands-on experience in managing the challenges of oil storage.

Fuel oil sampling

Regular fuel oil sampling provides effective early warning of any potential problems. Andel provides a comprehensive and cost-effective service. A typical site-sampling visit can be completed in a day with our independent laboratories providing a comprehensive analysis, identifying degraded fuel and reporting on tank condition.


Fuel storage warning

Many fuel oil suppliers are recommending that fuel stocks older than six months are burnt off and replenished.

We DO NOT recommend this course of action:

The Andel solution

Andel can provide a number of solutions depending on the state of your stored fuel oil, we can:

Following a full appraisal of the situation, Andel will always seek the best solution for the customer based on cost efficiency and environmental impact.

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If you are storing fuel to power back-up generators, you may have a problem if you store fuel for more than 6 months, have not had your storage systems inspected in a long time, operate in places with extremes of weather or cannot determine the quality of your delivered fuel. Fuel and oil sampling can give an early warning of any potential problems and remedial polishing, if possible, is more cost-effective than having to dispose of contaminated supplies.


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