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Fuel and oil storage compliance

Every year leaks and spills from oil storage tanks, pipes and ancillary equipment account for over a quarter of all UK pollution incidents. You may face criminal prosecution and a heavy fine if oil from your site enters the ground or watercourses – and you may also have to pay substantial clean-up costs.

Regulatory requirements

Oil storage regulations are designed to prevent oil spills and all oil storage containers with a capacity of 201 litres or more must comply with these regulations. Though there are slight variations in the regulations across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Andel’s experience and expertise in this field means we can advise you and ensure your regulatory requirements are met, wherever you are in the UK.

DEFRA’s guidance on the law states that: ‘It is recommended that oil storage tanks and ancillary equipment are inspected on an annual basis by an OFTEC Registered Technician’.

Andel has been carrying out Oil Storage Compliance Inspections for over 25 years for clients including the Environment Agency, Royal Mail, Arriva Buses, local authorities, MoD and over 80 NHS hospitals and trusts.

Compliance inspections by OFTEC qualified technicians

Each Andel inspection is carried out by an OFTEC registered and fully qualified technician (OFTEC 600A) and provides a full detailed report for all on-site oil storage, including a detailed survey for each container, a full summary of the findings and notice of any items which will need future attention.

Andel’s Annual Oil Storage Compliance Inspections go beyond standard OFTEC recommendations to give you total peace of mind that your oil storage remains compliant with all current regulations.

Generator exhaust abatement systems

For customers with back up generators, a change in regulations now means that any diesel generator that runs for more than 50 hours a year (either for commercial gain or testing) will need to have a permit. The introduction of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive and Non-Road Mobile Machinery regulations means compliance is essential.

Andel can provide a range of exhaust abatement systems to ensure you are fully compliant with the regulations.

  • Sites with permits need to reduce their NOx emissions to <190mg at 15% Oxygen
  • The Environment Agency will start targeting offenders
  • In the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone, the Clean Air Act means that local authorities can stipulate the NOx levels
  • Permit holders have until 2025 to ensure their emissions are below the required level
  • The Exhaust Emissions Abatement System combines DPF (diesel particulate filters) Catalytic Filters and a Closed Loop Urea dosing system with continuous monitoring
  • Closed Loop systems monitor the NOx levels on the inflow and outflow and actively adjusts the Urea dosing

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Andel Oil Storage Compliance Inspections Datasheet

The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 set out the requirements to be met for the safe storage of oil in containers above ground. As of September 1st, 2005, all oil storage containers above 200 litres are required to comply with these regulations. Andel has been carrying out Oil Storage Compliance Inspections throughout the UK for over 25 years with customers including the Environment Agency, Royal Mail, Arriva Buses, County/Borough Councils, MoD sites, and over 80 NHS Hospitals and Trusts. Andel customers have annual contracts in place to ensure that they achieve and maintain compliance with all current regulations.


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