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ReBund® – cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, modular bund or containment system

ReBund® is a modular, low-cost containment system giving long-term peace of mind to site operators

Robust, cost-effective and easy to install, ReBund® is constructed from 100% post-industrial recycled plastic waste, with steel reinforcement for added strength. ReBund® is designed for easy on-site assembly for both new build and retrofit installations.

Secondary containment or bunding system:

ReBund® delivers robust and long-term protection against leakage and land contamination for oil storage facilities, generators, transformers or any other plant.

  • No need for major plant equipment
  • No need to suspend normal operations during installation
  • Can be assembled quickly by a team of two people
  • Can be sealed to an existing suitable base, or a suitable concrete or slab base can be installed for guaranteed 100% liquid retention.

Benefits of ReBund®

There is also a 3-hour flame retardant ReBund® option available for sites where fire is a risk.

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