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BundGuard® – automatic bund dewatering solution

Over thirty thousand BundGuard® units are already protecting customer assets, site operators and the environment

The Andel BundGuard® system was first conceived and developed in 1992. A direct response to the UK electricity industry’s growing need for an effective solution for the serious water-removal problems at sub-station sites across the UK. 

Since then over thirty thousand BundGuard® units have been installed both nationwide and overseas, protecting customer assets, site operators and the environment.

To be compliant with current UK regulations, all above-ground oil storage tanks that contain more than 200 litres of oil, must have secondary containment or a bund to contain oil leaks and spills. Most bunds are exposed to the elements and consequently are likely to collect and fill with rainwater. As a bund fills with water, the containment capacity is reduced and the risk of oil escaping by overtopping the bund wall in the event of tank failure is greatly increased. It is therefore essential that robust measures are put in place to extract rainwater from exposed bunds.

BundGuard® protects your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Market-leading BundGuard® is a cost-effective, self-contained and easy-to-fit automatic submersible pump and alarm unit that is installed in a sump, within a bund and works continuously and automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

BundGuard® is designed to be used in conjunction with an on-site drainage interceptor in order to maintain the 110% capacity within an oil storage bund. If there is no underground interceptor tank, Andel also supplies the FilterSepta®, a cost-effective above ground filter that will guarantee a Class 1 discharge of water from the bund to surface water adhereing to EN858-1:2002.

BundGuard® 4

The Andel BundGuard® 4 has dominated the market for over fifteen years with many thousands of units installed across the UK and Europe, protecting the environment and providing peace of mind and protection for site operators.

Though BundGuard® 5 is now available offering a number of additional features, BundGuard® 4 is still fully supported.

Andel BundGuard® 5

Through Andel's policy of continual improvement, listening to customer feedback and advances in available technology, Andel launched BundGuard® 5.

BundGuard® 5 offers customers the option of a number of added features that provide enhanced control with advanced communications and functionality.


BundGuard® 5 has the capability to operate two pumps simultaneaously, as well as the option of using larger pumps where required and is equipped with advanced communications and display features. 

  • 2-Pump Capability
  • LCD Menu Display
  • High Oil Alarm
  • High Water Alarm
  • Mains Failure Alarm
  • System Fault Alarm
  • Pump Disable
  • Historical Data Alarm
  • Delay Customisation
  • Technical Support Code
  • Connector Disconnection Alarm
  • Textual Alarms
  • Filter Back-pressure Monitoring Support
  • Outlet Water Meter Support
  • Pump Current Monitoring
  • Auto Changeover
  • Over-current Disable
  • Battery Backup
  • MODBUS RTU Interface
  • SMS Alarm Forwarding (optional)

BundGuard® expels water from the containment area

Using advanced circuitry and micro-controller technology, BundGuard® discriminates between oil and water, keeping oil contained and expelling water from the containment or bunded area.

The robust, submersible stainless steel sensor unit monitors the different liquid levels via a series of conductive probes. The control unit activates the pump as required to remove only clean water, safe to sewer or interceptor, depending on site circumstances. Failsafe systems and a range of visual and relay alarm outputs ensure complete safety and allow onward communication to remote monitoring systems.

BundGuard® not only gives total peace of mind and ensures compliance with regulations throughout the UK, it also removes the need for regular bund emptying by waste contractors, reducing costs, environmental impact and carbon footprint. In the absence of an on-site drainage interceptor tank, Andel recommends the FilterSepta®, a cost-effective, above-ground Class 1 interceptor and filter.

Examples below show BundGuard® sensor cycles with differing amounts of surface oil


Example 1

1 Water entering the sump reaches the level of the start probe and the control panel activates the pump and the water is pumped out of the sump.
2 The water level is pumped below the stop probe and the control panel deactivates the pump. Any oil on top of the water is kept well away from the pump inlets.
3 If the water level keeps rising, likely due to an unusually high volume of water entering the sump (greater than 150 l/m), then the control panel will go into High Level Alarm and the second pump will be activated (if fitted).

Example 2

1 With a significant volume of oil in the sump, the water entering the sump raises the level of the oil to the float switch, but because the water has not reached the start probe, the system recognises the activity and the control panel will go into High Oil Alarm.
2 The water level rises until the it reaches the start probe (while still being in High Oil Alarm), the pump activates and pumps the water out of the sump.
3 When the water level drops so that the oil is no longer lifting the float switch, the control panel will no longer be in High Oil Alarm, but the activity will have been logged for future analysis. The water level is pumped below the stop probe and the control panel deactivates the pump. The significant volume of oil on top of the water is kept well away from the pump inlets.

Robust, reliable and adaptable 

BundGuard® is available in a number of specifiacations to suit both site conditions and customer requirements. The fundamental design, however, remains the same and BundGuard® can be relied upon to give consistently accurate readings, avoiding the risk of 'chattering', a problem often experienced with some other dewatering pumps on the market, where sensor units are prone to false readings, repeatedly activating on and off and potentially damaging pumps and burning out components. The market-leading BundGuard® has a track record that speaks for itself.


BundGuard® control unit can also be supplied in a GRP enclosure to National Grid specifications. 

Andel has a team of experts that can adapt BundGuard® to deal with a variety of site conditions and special requirements: 

Special builds

Special-builds can be linked to sensors to detect unwanted contaminants in a site's trade effluent, where if high levels are detected, the system will deactivate the pump so the contaminants are contained and do not reach the drainage system.

A bespoke system, using the National Grid specification control units in GRP enclosures was built to interface with the glycol system alarms, so that if the glycol system alarms trigger, a signal is sent to immediately disable the BundGuard® pump. The system also alerts the site to initiate a response.

A choice of submersible sensor units

Andel supplies a range of sensor units. Smaller units are available for customers who have an existing sump with smaller dimensions than the standard sump size, for example:

  • An old oil tank bund that has a smaller sump for a manual pump
  • A point for a tanker to empty
  • A small bund for a small transformer where there is no space for a standard sump
  • A BundGuard® in a cable duct with limited space

XL Sensor – 1000mm x 1000mm x 1000mm
Standard Sensor – 600mm x 600mm x 600mm 
Compact Sensor – 450mm x 450mm x 450mm 
Mini Sensor – 350mm x 350mm x 350mm

Technical information

Stainless Steel Control Panel

Sensor Unit

Standard Pump

Fixing and configuration

BundGuard® is supplied complete with a fixing kit, anti-syphon device and 5 metres of 18 bar flexible hose. The unit is configured in the factory prior to delivery though some on-site adjustment may be required on installation. No further calibration is required. Maintenance should be carried out every 6 to 12 months depending on site conditions.

Plug-and-Play option

A Plug-and-Play option is also available to simplify site maintenance where site conditions mean that a BundGuard® may require more frequent attention. All connections between the sensor uniy and the control panel are via IP68 connectors.

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The Andel BundGuard® system was developed in 1992 specifically at the request of the UK electricity industry who faced serious water removal problems at substation sites all over the country. Since then many thousands of BundGuard® units have been installed nationwide and overseas protecting site operators and the environment.


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