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Fuel and oil storage equipment

With over 25 years’ experience in fuel and oil storage maintenance, Andel has developed a comprehensive range of specialist services and equipment to give peace of mind to commercial customers across the UK.

Andel offers a range of innovative products including pumps, separators, gauges and alarm systems for any size of above-ground fuel and oil storage installation.

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Andel BundGuard Issue 4 Bund Water Control Pump System Datasheet

The Andel BundGuard system was developed in 1992 specifically at the request of the UK electricity industry who faced serious water removal problems at substation sites all over the country. Since then many thousands of BundGuard units have been installed nationwide protecting the environment and the operator of the site.


Andel FilterSepta Datasheet

With the introduction of more stringent regulations, operators may be concerned that to be absolutely safe their existing oil/water separating pump systems may need additional support or backup.


Andel ReBund™ Bund Containment System Datasheet

Andel ReBund™ is a tried and tested, easy to install, low-cost bunding or containment system. Developed along with the Green Business Network, ReBund™ not only makes a major contribution to second-life, recycled products but is also a first-class, strong, durable and economic long-term solution.


Andel TankGuard™ RMS - Remote Monitoring of Water Tanks Datasheet

Worried about abnormal use of stored liquids or maybe even potential theft? Andel’s TankGuard RMS makes the job simple for end users. Using GSM technology, this monitoring solution based on cloud services can give warnings of potential thefts and leaks of your stored water. An ultrasonic sensor is installed on the tank and this pairs with a GSM modem to relay back to our online service the levels of water in the tank.

The sensor is capable of also monitoring oil, fuel, grain and indeed most products that aren't high risk or volatile.


Andel Oilstar TankGuard™ Datasheet

The Andel Oilstar TankGuard™ overfill and bund leak alarms are for use in all tanks containing oil, fuel oil, DERV and any other non-explosion hazard liquids.


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