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Andel, your 'one-stop' solution for oil storage compliance and maintenance

Andel delivers total peace of mind for all your fuel and oil storage requirements. With over 25 years of experience in this highly specialised field, Andel is a recognised global market leader in the compliance and maintenance of fuel oil storage.

Andel works with some of the largest public and private organisations in the UK with customers including Carillion, Interserve, Arriva, Addenbrookes Hospital, Central Manchester NHS, University of Cambridge, Mersey Fire & Rescue, North Wales Police, Fire and Rescue, Nottinghamshire Police, West Yorkshire Police, National Grid, Northern Power Grid and Scottish Power.

Businesses and organisations in the UK have a duty of care to comply with strict oil storage regulations. Oil leaks and spills pose a significant threat to people and the local environment and oil storage tanks must be regularly checked, maintained and compliant at all times. Though there are slight variations in the regulations across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Andel can advise you and ensure your regulatory requirements are met, wherever you are in the UK.

Additionally, bacterial and fungal growth is common in modern fuel oil. Failure to regularly inspect your stored fuel oil can result in emergency, mission-critical equipment failing when you need it most. In the case of a hospital, for instance, the failure of back-up generators during a power outage could be a life and death situation for vulnerable patients – a potential disaster waiting to happen.

Typical Andel on-site activities at an oil storage site

Andel’s specialist services are designed to maintain the integrity of your stored fuel oil and to protect the environment from the risk of pollution by maintaining your compliance with oil storage regulations at all times, wherever you are in the UK.

Andel offers a comprehensive ‘one-stop’ customer support package, including:

Site surveys
Annual compliance inspections
Compliance remedial work
Fuel testing
Fuel filtration
Fuel polishing
Tank installation
Tank maintenance
Bund installation
Bund maintenance

We also offer a range of innovative products including pumps, separators, gauges and alarm systems for any size of fuel and oil storage installation.

As a recognised market leader, Andel has gained substantial technical expertise and practical know-how. We offer a comprehensive ‘one-stop’ package from initial site survey through to equipment selection, system design, installation and full service support for any size of project.

Andel has worked with some of the largest blue chip organisations in the UK, saving them money, ensuring they are fully compliant with the law, maintaining their operational efficiency and demonstrating commitment to their green credentials and CSR. Andel customers are spread across diverse industries and service sectors including airports, bus depots, councils and hospitals.

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