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Andel FloodWall

For effective flood defence

Andel FloodWall is a modular, low-cost, perimeter flood defence system designed to give long-term peace of mind to homes and businesses at threat from local flood incidents. Robust, cost-effective and easy to install, Andel FloodWall is constructed from 100% non-porous, post-industrial plastic waste, with steel reinforcement for added strength.

Andel FloodWall will create a flood defence wall to prevent damage to your assets from water ingress. Andel Wall is assembled in a similar way to conventional perimeter fencing with special reinforced posts concreted deep into the ground.

All the units are sealed, and at ground level Andel FloodWall fits into a substantial concrete board that runs below ground level for the length of the floodwall. Andel FloodWall provides a robust and effective watertight and weight-bearing defence against floodwater.

Andel FloodWall is an innovative system that has been developed from Andel ReBund™, primarily used as an effective containment system or ‘bund’ for above-ground oil storage installations. With a number of modifications, including a substantial below-ground concrete board, reinforced posts that descend deep into the ground, the water-tight FloodWall solution provides an ideal, cost-effective and robust perimeter flood defence.

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Andel FloodWall

Andel FloodWall is an innovative, modular, cost-effective perimeter flood defence system designed to prevent damage to your assets from floodwater.


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