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Smart flood risk monitoring solutions

FloodAlert network

Andel FloodAlert is a local early flood warning system that provides 24/7 local monitoring and alerts to users in areas at risk from flooding.

From a single gateway, multiple sensors can communicate via a low-power, low-impact LoRaWAN® network that sends realtime data to a cloud-based portal with easy-to-use visualisation, accessible from any device connected to the internet.

FloodAlert monitors water levels in watercourses, surface water, groundwater and boreholes to a depth of up to 200 metres. The robust and reliable system is easy to install and set up and can track water levels via strategically loacted sensors within a catchment for up to 10 kilometres (15 kilometres in some cases) from a single network gateway. 

Merging data from other variables

The FloodAlert system can merge realtime water level data with other flood risk varaibles such as rainfall forecast data, rain gauge data, soil moisture/ground saturation data and Environment Agency river level data . A FloodAlert network can provide realtime local flood risk monitoring and alerts for projects of any size. 

Data from a FloodAlert network provides a deeper insight into flood risk management

The FloodAlert network can create a detailed realtime flood risk dataset to help develop future flood risk models and flood defence measures for local authorities, flood action groups.

FloodAlert gateway 

A single gateway connects to all devices and communicates all data to a central network server.

Web portal 

FloodAlert provides live monitoring on a secure, cloud-based portal, accessible from any device connected to the internet. Information from multiple data sources is visualised in an easy-to-use dashboard with a simple traffic light green, amber and red warning system. 

Water level monitoring 

FloodAlert tracks and monitors water levels at multiple locations as runoff rainwater travels down hillsides to lower ground in watercourses, below and around urban communities and into rivers.

Local early flood warning 

FloodAlert sends SMS and email early warnings for fluvial and pluvial flooding.

Data merging 

FloodAlert collects real-time water level data in groundwater, surface water and watercourses and merges the information with flood risk variables such as 36-hour rainfall forecast data, ground rain gauge data, soil moisture ground saturation data and Environment Agency river level data.

Data analytics 

A real-time digital map can be created and used to produce meaningful data such as trend analysis, diagnostic analysis and predictive failure analysis. 

Natural flood management 

FloodAlert monitors the effect of natural flood management interventions, before, during and after.

A sustainable solution 

FloodAlert is a sustainable, low-carbon impact method of influencing land use practices on a catchment scale. It also develops stakeholder trust, reduces flood risk and increases resilience. 

For more information about Andel FloodAlert smart monitoring, call Andel today on 01484 845 000

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