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Slow the Flow

Supporting Natural Flood Management 

Andel donates 10% of flood defence profit to the development of Natural Flood Management projects. 

‘Slow the Flow’ combats upstream rainwater runoff which occurs when there is more water than the land can absorb, leading to flooding downstream and includes a number of natural interventions. 

Planting trees to create new woodlands slows the flow of heavy rain. Woodland also removes and stores carbon from the atmosphere, enhances air quality for the local and wider population and improves the urban heat island effect by reflecting sunlight and providing shade. 

Other initiatives include: 

Photographs: Andel made a donation to Leeds Coppice Workers, a cooperative committed to restoring and managing neglected and underused woodlands, specifically for a ‘Slow the Flow’ project. The donation funded the fascines and a group of Andel volunteers including employees and directors spent a day planting a thousand trees.

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