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FloodPump is a unique, advanced, alarm and automatic pump system that can be deployed inside or out, protecting buildings and protected areas at risk from flooding.

The FloodPump system comprises a wall-mounted control panel and submersible sensor and pump unit.

FloodPump has been specially developed for the flood defence market using tried and trusted technology from Andel's global market-leading BundGuard®, a pump dewatering solution used around the world by thousands of electrical distributors and oil storage site operators to remove rainwater from protected areas.

The control panel is equipped with onward communication relays and can send SMS alarm notifications and updates to mobile devices.

FloodPump is a modular design which can be configured to manage a range of different flood risk scenarios and works continuously and automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Benefits at a glance

  • Works continuously and automatically 24/7/365
  • Can perform a multitude of functions that can be configured to suit individual requirements
  • Can be deployed inside or out
  • Sends SMS text alarm notifications and updates to mobile devices 
  • Can operate up to two flood pumps simultaneously
  • Can control other automatic closure equipment 
  • Sends alarm notifications and logs via Modbus to BMS
  • Provides system status alerts

Insertion unit

The robust stainless steel insertion unit is equipped with a number of probes that can be set to levels to suit the flood risk in any given scenario. 

Wall-mounted controller unit

The wall-mounted controller recognises conductivity between the probes and performs a multitude of automatic functions. Output relays provide round-the-clock system status alerts. 


FloodPump standard pump operates at a rate of 150 litres per minute. The system can also operate two pumps – either alternating to share the load or running simultaneously as a booster system. There is also an option to install larger capacity pumps if required. 

Example of how a typical cycle can work in a protected area during a flood event with rising and falling water levels

An industry-unique solution

System status alerts

Loss of mains power – a total loss of mains power would trigger an alarm and outward SMS notifications powered by back-up battery – the pump cannot activate without mains power unless the system is supported by back-up generators. 

System disable – this is a failsafe for detected faults, for example if the probes activate in the wrong order it indicates external tampering and not water. In this case the pumps would not activate and an SMS message would be sent to advise there was a major fault caused by third-party tampering*. 

Maintenance alerts - the system will recognise fluctuations in the performance of the pump or pumps and will send SMS notifications if and when the system requires servicing. 

*All pumps require regular maintenance and the insertion unit and probes should also be checked at regular intervals. This work should be undertaken by a qualified engineer, however it is important that the maintenance work is undertaken and completed correctly. The system will detect engineer faults such as the pump not being re-fitted properly or testing equipment being left in the insertion unit. If there are any engineer or third-party tampering faults detected, SMS alarm notifications will automatically be sent out.

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Andel FloodPump®

Andel FloodPump® is an industry-unique, advanced, alarm and automatic flood pump system that can be deployed inside or out, protecting buildings and protected areas at risk from flooding. The system works continuously and automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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